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Spend some of your free time watching videos on YouTube and now would you like to try to create your own content? Do you have a passion for photography, videogames or video editing and would like to create your own channel? Find out in this article how to make videos on youtube, the functions of the platform and useful advice.

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It is important to remember that to take advantage of the YouTube features it is necessary to have a Google account, so if you don't have one, create it. Once the login to your Google account, go to YouTube, press the button Charge at the top right and drag or select the video (s) you want to post. Alternatively you can use the function Import e Import your videos from Google photos to import files stored on Google photos.

Once you have selected the video you will need to indicate its relative level Privacy, by default set to Public (everyone will be able to see the content you post). You can choose between Public, Non in cast (the video will be visible to all, but not traceable in searches), Private (the content will only be available to you and the people you wish to "invite") or planned (to make the video available at a specific date and time).

During the file upload phase you can fill in the form with the data relating to your video, that is Title, Technical Information e Tag. In the section Advanced Settings you can select the category membership and to which users to allow the insertion of comments. Finally press the button Public so that the video, at the end of the upload, is published on the platform.

Remember to avoid inserting songs or sequences protected by Copyright, you risk removing the video and reporting the channel.

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