How to merge multiple Word documents into one in Microsoft Word 2016

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If you are dealing with multiple Word documents and want to combine them into one, chances are you will copy and paste them into a document, one by one. But this is not a smart way to do this as you will end up spending a lot more time.

In fact, if you insert the documents rather as objects, it would be a much simpler and faster method. Let's see how to merge documents in Word 2016.

Solution: Using the Insert Word Object tool

Step 1: Open a new file password document. In the new document, click To insert tab and click on the file Subject icon.

Step 3: Expand the file Subject and select Text from file from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: The location where the files are saved will open. Here we have saved the documents desktop. Select all three password documents you want to merge.

To select all three documents, select the first document (Part 1 here), then press Shift and Ctrl keys together on the keyboard and select the other two documents (here Part 2 e Part 3) at the same time. This way all three documents will be selected together. Now, click on the file To insert button at the bottom to insert all three pages into a document.

*Note - Remember to select multiple documents in the order you want them to be merged. For example, we have selected Part 1 first then Part 2, and finally Part 3 in this order. You can select in your favorite order.

That's it and all your documents will be merged into one Word document.

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