How to migrate all your data from Chrome to Firefox

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How to migrate all your data from Chrome to Firefox. You want to switch from Chrome to FireFox without losing bookmarks, saved passwords, browser history and cookies.

It can also import this data from Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer as well.

Migrate your favorites, passwords, history and cookies to FireFox

Firefox normally prompts you to import data the first time you install it. However, if you have already installed Firefox and now want to import data, you will need to manually launch the tool.

Click on the icon View history, saved passwords and more on the toolbar and click Bookmarks and then at the bottom on View all bookmarks or press Ctrl + Shiftc + B.

Click on the button "Import and Save" on the toolbar and select "Import data from another browser".

Select “Chrome” in the import wizard and click "Forward" to import data from Google Chrome. Make sure that all windows of browser di Google Chrome are closed before continuing with the process.

You will be prompted to choose the data to import. If you have set up multiple Chrome browser profiles, you will first be prompted for the profile to import.

By default, Firefox will import cookies from Chrome, the browsing history, saved passwords and favorites. You can deselect any of these options to import only certain types of data.

Firefox will import the data. THE Chrome favorites will be placed in the folders “Da Chrome” in the bookmarks menu and toolbar in firefox, but you can rearrange them however you want.

Synchronize Firefox browser data between computers and smartphones or tablets

Firefox has its own browser sync feature that allows you to keep your data in sync across multiple PCs, phones and tablets. You can check the Firefox Sync settings by clicking on the> menuAccedi a Sync if you aren't signed in with a Firefox account yet, you can create one from here to start syncing your data.

Log in with the same Firefox account on all your devices and your data will be synced with each other, just like with Chrome. Firefox syncs open tabs, history, bookmarks, logins, add-ons and preferences. Then, once you have Firefox set up once, it will sync your preferences to all your other PCs or mobile devices.

You can get this same data on your phone or tablet as well. Firefox offers the application for, as well as 

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