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When the system drive runs out of space, you might consider moving applications from the system drive to another drive to speed up your system a bit. There are options for changing the default application installation folder on Windows 10. In this article, I have explored the steps through which you can move an already installed application from one location to another, even to an external drive. But keep in mind that you can't move traditional desktop applications or programs this way. Read on to find out how to move store apps or other installed apps from one location to another with just a few steps.

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  • First click application settings by launching the Start menu.


  • Of the options listed in app settings, find and click the one that says System.


  • Performing the previous step opens a new window for System Settings. From the left panel of the System window, click on the option called Apps and Features. In the right pane of the window, several options are available for viewing installed applications. You can type and search for an application, sort applications by their size, choose to view applications in a certain drive, and so on. I have chosen to see all apps on all drives as shown in the screenshot below.


  • Now from the application list, click on the one you want to move to a different location. Then click the Go Next button.


  • A small window opens telling you where the selected application is currently installed. It also allows you to choose a new location for your application. In the screenshot provided, I have chosen to move my application to a USB drive. When done, click the Go Forward button.


  • Now if you take a look, you can see a message that says Moving just below the selected application. That's all. Sit back and relax. Your application will be moved to the new location based on your preferences.

That's all. This way you have full control over installing new applications on Windows 10. I hope you enjoy moving applications or programs around the system. Come back for more, because there is always something new waiting for you.

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