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In this article we will go to see how to pay Spotify with 18app. In particular, we will explain what 18app is, how to activate it and all the steps to pay for your favorite music application through this excellent government initiative. Let's find out everything in detail!

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How to pay Spotify with 18app: an initiative aimed at those born in 2000

The Culture Bonus is an initiative organized by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism and the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, aimed at all those who have reached the age of 18. It has a value of 500 € and part of this amount can also be spent on the purchase of Spotify Premium subscriptions. 18app is the platform where the Bonus Cultura resides.

All residents in Spain who have turned 18 in 2018 (therefore children born in 2000) can apply for the contribution thanks to the 18App platform. In order to benefit from it, you must complete the registration procedure by June 30 2019, while the bonus can be spent by December 31st.

In the next lines we will see how to register with the platform and create Spotify coupons with 18app. This is not a difficult or long procedure: with a few simple steps you will have the Premium account and you can listen to your favorite music without commercial interruptions.

How to sign up and log in on 18app

First you need to obtain the SPID credentials, which are absolutely essential to be able to log in to the 18app site. Once this is done, you can start creating coupons to spend in cinemas, theaters, bookstores and all that is part of the cultural circuit. Among other things, you can also buy a subscription to Spotify.

How do you have to do it? First log in to your 18app account, then go to Create voucher, click on the Online option and then on the Recorded music item. Now enter the amount of the voucher, click on Create voucher again and then on Confirm. Copy the code that is shown to you.

To use the coupon you must first convert it to a Spotify code. To do this, go to the Spotify page dedicated to the Culture Bonus and then click on Convert your coupon, and paste the code you previously copied into the 18app Coupon field. Enter your email address and check the item I accept the terms and conditions of the Privacy.

Now all you have to do is choose the type of subscription to buy (1 Month € 9,99, 3 Months € 29,97, 6 Months € 59,94 and 1 Year € 119,88) and click on the button Request the code. You will receive an email with the Spotify code to purchase the package you are interested in.

Now you just have to buy the subscription

After obtaining the Spotify code, go to the website of the music platform, Log in and enter your Profile (icon at the top right). Select the Account option and click on the Redeem item (left menu). Copy the Spotify code you received via email and paste it in the Enter your Premium code field and finally press the Enter the code button. You have completed the purchase!

The procedure described on how to pay Spotify with 18app it cannot be performed via smartphone or tablet. Or rather, you cannot sign up for a subscription using the app. Either way, you can redeem your Spotify code and pay for the service via 18app vouchers via your device's browser.

How to pay for Spotify with 18app: conclusions

In short, music is part of our culture: whether it is classical, rock, electronic or hip hop, it is very important for the education of our children. The Culture Bonus contemplates it, so why not take advantage of this beautiful initiative?

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