How to prevent your Wi-Fi from turning off in Windows 10

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If you use Wi-Fi on your laptop, you may have faced the problem of turning off Wi-Fi when your laptop has been idle for a few hours. This is a predefined procedure in Windows that is performed to optimize power management. It results in a longer battery life.

For some users who use Wi-Fi for longer periods of time, it is a little annoying as they have to re-establish the wireless network connection. For some ISPs, resetting the Internet connection requires a username and password, and the user must enter the username and password each time they log in. Hence, this process makes it even more frustrating.

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How to prevent Wi-Fi from turning off

In this article, we will follow some steps on How to prevent your Wi-Fi from turning off in Windows 10:

Step 1: Click the start button, then click the gear icon to open settings.

Step 2: Click Network and internet

Step 3: On the right, scroll down and click Network and sharing of the center.

Step 4: In the submenus on the left, click "Change adapter settings".

Step 5: Right click on the wireless (Wi-Fi) network connection and click “Properties”.

Step 6:

In the "Wireless Connection Properties" window, click "Configure".

Step 7: Click on the "Power Management" tab.

Uncheck the check mark that says “Allow this computer to turn off this device to save power” and click “OK” to complete the whole process.

Note: Disabling the check mark may affect battery performance. Therefore, it is recommended to enable this feature if you do not use Wi-Fi frequently.

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