How to put Dedicate me a Song on Instagram

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Let's find out how to put a song on Instagram in our guide.
We will learn how to insert a song on the most popular Social of the moment and we will see how to dedicate it to your loved one or have our friends to share an old memory.

The operation for dedicate a song on Instagram it is not complicated but there are some key steps that you should remember and which are essential to use the Questions function on the Social.
Here is the complete explanation and some little advice!

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How to put a song dedicated to me on Instagram

Let's go into the matter by trying to understand how to put a song on Instagram using the Questions function.
The first operation is obviously to access the Facebook social network and log in to enter your profile.

Time click on the camera at the top left to start creating your Instagram story.
As you will see you have several options (normal, boomerang etc ..) but you need to press on Crea.
Now drag the options to the right until you get to Questions.

You will see that the Social will ask you a question of your choice (which you can customize) but you can click at the top center to activate the Dice (which you need to change the question automatically).
There aren't many pre-set questions so if you don't find the right one you can customize the message by clicking on the question (white writing with black background).

To activate what song should I listen to on Instagram double click the dice and the message will appear.
Now click on Choose a song or on the text message to customize the question (if you have not already done so before) and then click on Next and Finish.

This is the simplest option but you can also do everything through a video or a photo uploaded from your Smartphone. How? Here are all the steps!

Insert the video or photo on the Social Instagram and go to insert a Adhesive. To do this you have to click at the top right in order to open the menu that allows you to choose between different options.

Among these you will see Questions and you will have to click on Note to enter the Music request. Now customize the message with the inscription dedicate me a song on Instagram and click on end. Click on your Story and you will see the final result!

On instagram I don't come up with which song I should listen to

One of the problems that could happen to you and that will make you exclaim " on instagram i don't get out which song i should listen to ”Is easily solved with some little tricks.

The first thing from check are the steps taken previously.
Often, in fact, a missed passage could compromise your history and therefore not carry out the chosen question.

Another element not to be underestimated is the confusion that there might be between the question option and the quiz option.
In the first case you can in fact insert a song dedicated to me in the second instead it is not possible.

Last chance of error is due to the same Instagram which sometimes might have a malfunction and not perform all available functions.
In this case just wait and the situation will return to normal.

How to put a song dedicated to me on Instagram. Conclusions

In our guide we have tried to help you understand how to share a song on Instagram but there are many other guides dedicated to the most interesting Social of the moment.
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