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You are trying to understand How to reactivate stories on Facebook? Don't worry, we'll explain it to you: just a few simple steps.

You have deactivated Facebook Stories and need to reactivate them as soon as possible: it can be done! Take a few minutes to read our guide and you should be able to fix the problem in minutes.

Maybe you deactivated the Facebook stories because you didn't want to see those of a particular person or because some users published a number of them in your opinion really disproportionate and it annoyed you. Or it may also have happened that you have turned them off by mistake and now you no longer know how to retrace your steps!

How to reactivate stories on Facebook

Whatever your case, we will explain the most effective method to get around the obstacle: how to reactivate Facebook Stories in no time (read also How to see old Stories on Instagram).

First of all, a distinction must be made, depending on the platform on which you want to perform this operation: whether on an Android / iOS / tablet system or on a PC. However, know that there is not much difference between the two procedures, both on a practical level and in terms of timing.

In this guide we will see how to re-enable Facebook Stories:

  • From Android
  • From iOS

Let's start with the first case: how to reactivate Facebook stories from Android / iOS / tablet? First of all, of course, you have to open the official Facebook App to log in with your credentials.

At this point I should follow a precise path that starts from the Menu icon. Click in order on the following items: Settings and privacy> Settings> Stories> Stories you have turned off. Now you need to locate the user or users to whom you have deactivated the stories and click on the button "Reactivate". The process is pretty intuitive, isn't it?

Let's see instead how the situation changes from PC. In this case you will have to press on the icon of arrow located right in the Facebook Stories box. Now, the path is just as similar and immediate: go up Settings and then click on Stories you have disabled. At this, your personal selection of people to whom you need to reactivate the stories is triggered again.

Whether you are operating from mobile or you are in front of a PC, in addition to the technical procedure that we have just illustrated, you will also have to think locally about which people you actually need to "reactivate" (especially if you have many friends it can happen to be in difficulty and confusion). This is also a necessary step to understand how to reactivate stories on Facebook.

Once you reactivate the stories they will appear directly on the Homepage: currently it is not possible to receive a notification directly related to the publication of stories on Facebook, however it is possible to receive it for friends' status updates (which often can correspond to stories, but not always : it is still a useful trick to monitor as much as possible the people you are interested in!).

To do all this, just follow this simple procedure: Settings and privacy> Settings> Notifications of Facebook. Are you there? Now, at this point you have to activate the option Friend updates, then move up ON the option Allow notifications on Facebook. And voila, that's it!

Re-enable Facebook Stories

In this sense, another option that can be particularly useful is that of the Facebook Stories Archive, which you can guess will allow you to automatically save the contents you have published in your stories.

To do this, the path to follow is this: Settings and privacy> Settings> Stories> Stories archive dell 'Facebook app. At that point, make sure that the save to archive option is moved to the ON lever.

You should now have everything you need to understand how to reactivate stories on Facebook: thanks for reading our article, see you at the next guide! Here is an article that might interest you: How to put links in Instagram Stories

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