How to recover missing photo preview in Windows 10

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If you've started using Windows 10, you must have noticed that when you right-click on any image, Push forward The option is not present in the photos. The reason is that you have changed the default app for viewing photos. It gives you the ability to open the photo in a new photo app. If you are a big fan of the preview feature, please follow the steps below to get it back. In fact, the preview feature hasn't completely disappeared from Windows 10. It's just that they changed the default application for images from Windows Photo Viewer to Application Photographs. Now to reverse it, read more.

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How to bring back the old Windows Photo Viewer Windows 10

Step 1 - Press key Windows + i to start the control panel setup. Alternatively, you can also click the Start button and then click Settings. Once the window opens, click work.

Step 2 - Now, in the menu on the left, click on predefined apps. Scroll down to where it is written Photo viewer.

Click on the icon below and select, Windows photo viewer of the list.

Go back and enjoy your old Windows photo viewer. Now you can type, click on any image and the preview option will be there.

To revert the changes or change the default Windows apps back to photos, go back to the system control panel and in the default apps, select the photo app again.


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