How to Repair Missing NVIDIA Control Panel in Windows 10 [Solved]

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Many NVIDIA graphics card users have reported that the NVIDIA control panel does not show any problems. This control panel that allows users to control the properties of the NVIDIA graphics card installed in users' PC disappears from the desktop context menu, Start menu, or desktop out of nowhere. This could be the result of a faulty graphics card driver, due to the latest updates, missing subkeys and registry values, or some random error here and there.

If your NVIDIA control panel is also missing, don't panic. Try the following methods to fix missing NVIDIA control panel in Windows 10 and you are good to go.

Methods to fix missing NVIDIA control panel

The next steps include basic troubleshooting and some advanced techniques. Don't skip the advanced ones if the simpler ones don't help you recover your lost NVIDIA control panel.

# 1 - Restart the NVIDIA services to fix the missing NVIDIA control panel issue

It may happen that the NVIDIA Control Panel disappears from the Desktop Context Menu file just like the Notification Area. Another basic method you can try is to restart NVIDIA specific services. Let's see how to restart these services on your PC:

Step 1: Open the Run box premendo Windows + R keys together. Now Write services.msc in the Run box and press Pay button.

Step 2: This will open the file Services window. Here you will find all the services running on your PC. In the list of services, find the services whose name starts with NVIDIA. Select each NVIDIA service and click Restart button available on the left side of the window.

If the service is not running, right-click and click Start.

If you are receiving error 14109 with a message that Windows cannot start Nvidia Display Container Service, please follow the steps below.

1. Right-click on Home and click Device administrator To open it.

2. Expand Display adapters.

3. Right-click and uninstall the Nvidia driver.

4. Restart your PC.

Check if this method returned the missing NVIDIA Control Panel. If not, restart your PC and check again. If nothing happens, try the next method.

# 2 - Manually launch the NVIDIA Control Panel to retrieve the missing NVIDIA Control Panel

Until you can find a permanent solution, you can also try manually launching the NVIDIA Control Panel on your system to fix the problem. Here are the steps to manually launch and create a desktop shortcut of the NVIDIA Control Panel:

Step 1: Opened My computer binder. Go to C Drive the folder and find Program file binder. A Program file folder, you will find NVIDIA Corporation binder. If you can't find the NVIDIA Company folder there, look for the same in Program files (x86) binder. Once inside NVIDIA Corporation folder, open the file Control panel client. In this folder, search nvcplui procedure.

Step 2: Right-click on nvcplui file and click Run as administrator option.

You can also create a desktop shortcut of the NVIDIA Control Panel from the context menu of nvcplui.

# 3 - Reinstall Nvidia Control Panel app from Microsoft Store

1. Click Home and then the gear icon to open it settings

2. Click Applications

3. Click App and features in the menu on the left.

4. Find the Nvidia Control Panel in the search box.

If the Nvidia Control Panel is already installed on your system. Uninstall it

5. Now go to This Nvidia Control Panel Installation Shortcut in Microsoft Store and install it.

# 4 - Show NVIDIA Control Panel

If you can't find the NVIDIA Control Panel in the desktop context menu or Start menu, it may be hidden. This mainly happens when updating the NVIDIA graphics card software. Let's see how to reset the NVIDIA Control Panel with the following steps:

Step 1: Opens the control panel. To do this, press Windows + R keys at the same time, type Control a Run box and press Pay.

Step 2: In the control panel that opens, display options for Big icons, then double-click NVIDIA Control Panel option.

3 pass: Search for Desk o Vista menu, click on it, then select the file Add context menu on desktop drop-down menu option.

Go to your PC desktop and check if the NVIDIA Control Panel appears in the context menu of the desktop.

# 5 - Permanent fix missing for NVIDIA Control Panel from NVIDIA media

Although other methods have been able to fix the missing NVIDIA control panel, some users have reported getting this error over and over again. So NVIDIA support has provided a permanent solution to this problem. Follow these simple steps to try this method:

Step 1: Open My Computer and follow the folder path given below:

Program files (x86)

NVIDIA Corporation


Note: If you can't locate the NVIDIA folder in Program files (x86) folder, look for it in Program file binder.

Step 2: A Display.NvContainer folder, you will find a file called Display.NvContainer. Right-click on it and select the file copy option.

3 pass: Opened To boot Binder. To do this, press Windows + R keys together and open Run box. In the Run box, type shell: start and press Pay button.

4 pass: In the open Startup folder, right-click and paste the copy Display.NvContainer procedure.

5 pass: Right-click on Display.NvContainer file you pasted To boot folder and select the file Property option.

6 pass: A Property window, go to Compatibility eyelash. There, you will get a file Run this program as an administrator check mark option; select it. Then click all right to apply the settings.

After completing these steps, restart your PC to find the missing NVIDIA Control Panel in the context menu of the desktop and in the taskbar.

# 6 - Update the NVIDIA graphics driver to fix the missing NVIDIA control panel issue

If the above method didn't work for you, there must be a problem with the driver. If so, go to Device Manager and update your NVIDIA graphics driver a fix missing NVIDIA control panel in Windows 10. Follow these steps:

Step 1: On the keyboard, press the key Windows + X keys together to open Win + X menu. From the menu, click Device administrator option to open it.

Step 2: In Device Manager, find Video cards option. Expand to find the NVIDIA graphics card driver. Right-click on the controller and click Update Driver option.

3 pass: A new window will open; click on Automatically searches for updated driver software option. This will automatically check for a driver update and install it if available. If there are no updates available, it will also notify you.

If the update didn't help in case the NVIDIA Control Panel is missing, try reinstalling the driver.

# 7 - Reinstall the NVIDIA graphics driver

Did the NVIDIA graphics driver update not work for you? Try reinstalling it if you cannot find the NVIDIA Control Panel in the context menu of the desktop and in the taskbar. Here are the steps to help you do that:

Step 1: Open the Device administrator pressing Windows + X keys together and selecting Device administrator from the list that appears.

Step 2: Expand Video cards option from the list of drivers in Device Manager. Right-click the NVIDIA graphics card driver and select Uninstall device option.

3 pass: After successfully uninstalling the driver, go to NVIDIA - Download Drivers Web page. There, select the appropriate one Product type, product series and productt from the respective drop-down menus according to your computer configuration to download the latest driver. Once downloaded, install the driver on your PC.

Restart your PC and check if the NVIDIA Control Panel it is now available in the context menu of the desktop and in the taskbar.


Although method no. 4 and method no. 5 is the ultimate solution for fix missing NVIDIA control panel in Windows 10You should always start with the methods mentioned at the beginning of the article. If these methods also fail, try generating a query on NVIDIA Forum. Until then, you can use Method No. 6 to manually open the NVIDIA Control Panel and access the graphics options.


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