How to resize the taskbar icons in Windows 11

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Windows has perfected the taskbar area with Windows 11. Now, the icons are positioned towards the center, which allows for easy access. While there are several customization options, there is no native way to resize the taskbar icons or to change the size of the taskbar. You can use Registry Editor to edit it.

The Windows Registry Editor opens your world to a variety of tweaks and customizations. Using it, you can change existing app settings and built-in settings. And as you might expect, the registry editor also lets you play around with the settings and the aesthetics of the taskbar. However, there is a small problem.

The Registry Editor allows you to resize the taskbar directly and not the icons. When you reduce the size of the taskbar, the size of the icons will also change.

Now that it's fixed, let's see how to resize the taskbar icons on Windows 11.


As noted earlier, the registry editor contains the configuration settings and system files of the entire system. And if this is your first time playing with the registry editor, the best option would be to make a registry backup. This is because changing the wrong entry can damage your Windows system or make it unusable.

To make a backup of the registry editor, please follow the steps below,

  • Open the Registry Editor in Windows and right-click on Computer. Then, select Export.
  • Name the file and save it in a location where you can easily access it.

If you are going to change a lot of things at once, make a backup of the file. Alternatively, you can also make a backup of the registry editor.


You'll need to work with the Registry Editor until Microsoft adds a direct option to resize the taskbar icons.

  • Open the Start menu, search for Registry Editor. Alternatively, you can press Win + R key and type the following command,


  • In the folder path, paste the following path,


  • This will highlight the Advance folder in the left panel.
  • Right-click the Advanced folder and select New and then DWORD (32-bit) Value.
  • Rename the folder as “TaskbarSi”.
  • Then right-click on the value and select Edit. Change the value data to 0. That's it.

Now, all you have to do is restart your PC / laptop and you will be greeted with a small taskbar with small icons.

If you are not satisfied with the new changes, you can always restore the original appearance. To do this, open the folder again and change the Value Data to 1. When done, do a quick restart of your laptop / PC.

The reverse is also true. You can also increase the size of the taskbar and its icons. To do this, change and update the data value to 2.

From now on, you can change the size of the taskbar as per your choice. It simply changes the data value.

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