How to run Android apps in Google Chrome on your PC

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Android apps are a big deal today, with over 1,5 million apps running on mobile devices around the world taking the internet and technology to the next level. But wouldn't it be great if you could use these Android apps on your PC as well. Now Google allows it. So, if you have an android app apk on your system, you can run that app directly on your Chrome browser. The only downside will be that it will only allow one app at a time. So let's dive into the process a little more.

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First install the ARC welder

Go to Chrome Extension Factory and add it to Chrome. The file size is just over 100MB so uploading will take some time, so please be patient.

It will be installed in your Chrome browser.

Step 2 # After installation, simply type chrome: // applications in the address bar of the browser. It will start displaying the Arc Welder app icon as shown in the image below. Click on the icon.

Meanwhile, you need to find the Android apk of the app you want to work on in Chrome. If you have that app installed on your phone, just use android apk extractor to extract apk. You can also try some android apk mirror sites, but it's not really recommended from a security point of view.

Step 3 # Now publish your APK via the interface as shown.

Step 4 # Just add the apk and on the next screen leave the default settings as they are and click Launch App.

You can also launch the app once it's loaded by going to chrome: // applications. The only downside is that it only runs one app at a time.

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