How to run Google web fonts on Windows 10

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How to Run Google Web Fonts on Windows 10: - Fed up with system fonts? o Do you want to test a font on your system that you found on some website? Yes, Google's font library allows you to add fonts from your collection to your system. You don't want to install any third party applications. In fact, Google's web font library is intended for web developers to embellish the texts on their websites. But you can use it to add fonts to your system by downloading the font from the Font Library. Google's font library has an impressive collection of free fonts. Read on to find out how to run Google Web Fonts on your Windows 10 system.

  • Go to the Link to access Google web fonts.
  • You can find a wide variety of fonts in the newly opened window.

  • Review the characters displayed on the page. If you find attractive fonts, click the Add to Collection button.

  • You can refine the number and type of characters displayed in the Filters section in the left section of the page. You can select a font based on thickness, slope or width.

  • The fonts you have included in your collection can be viewed at the bottom of the page. Click on Use to add the font to your system.

  • On the newly loaded page, you can find various font styles Y character sets. Here the font I selected has only one style. Select the Y font style font and click the download button in the upper right corner.

  • FOR Link to download pop-ups with You will be shown three different options. Click on the .zip file link to download the source in zip format.

  • Extract the zip file and save the contents in a location of your choice.
  • Now open Control Panel by pressing Win + X and selecting Control Panel.

  • In the Small icons or Large icons view, click Sources.

  • Copy the .tft file to store the extracted files in the source folder. Now the new font will be automatically installed on your system.

Therefore, fonts from Google's web font library can be installed on your Windows 10 system without the use of third party software.

  • To check the newly added font, open your Word document and click the drop-down menu to select the font. You can find your source there.

  • Write something. Yes, the text is in the font you just installed.

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