How to save all images from Microsoft Word to one folder in Windows 10

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Many times, when writing an article to a Word file, you may need to insert images. When prompted, you can also simply right-click on these images, easily copy and paste them to another Word document. But, if you want to save these images to your desktop, you can't just copy the images and paste them on your desktop. When you try to paste the image on your desktop, you can see a Gray Paste option in the context menu.

Instead, you'll need to save them as images one by one, which can take a long time. So how do you copy images from Word files to PC at the same time? There is a solution for this and it is quite affordable. Let's find out how.

Solution: saving as other formats

Step 1: Go to the desired password file from which you want to save the images to the desktop and click on the file File tab at the top left of the document.

Step 3: Now go to Save as, click on What PC and select desktop on the right.

Step 4: In Save eat , go to Save as type, select the file Web page option from the menu and press the key Save button.

Step 5: Close the password file. Vai a desktop and you will see a folder of photos and a webpage file for the article. Click on the photo folder and drag and drop the images onto the desktop.

That's all. So, this is how you can easily copy images from Word file to desktop.

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