How to save file search results in Windows 10 and use them later

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How to save file search results in Windows 10 and use them later: - Searching for the same file over and over is probably not a chore, you fall in love. This results in wasted time and monotony. Windows has a solution for you. Yes, it actually allows you to save your search results so the process is quick the next time you try to access the same file. The feature has been available since the release of Windows Vista. This feature saves a lot of time as the search result can be saved and even added to the start menu, which is a quick access area. In this article, I have explained the steps by which a search result can be saved in Windows 10 and Windows 7. Read on to learn all about this simple trick, which can sometimes be very useful.

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STEP 1 - Open Windows File Explorer. Now locate the Search Bar file in the upper right corner of the window. Type your search query and press Enter. The search results will now start appearing. You can save these search results. Find the button called Save Ribbon Search at the top. Now click on it.

STEP 2 - Now a new window called Save As opens. You need to name the search results and then click Save at the bottom to save the search results.

STEP 3 - You can find your saved searches in the folder called Searches.

STEP 4 - You can double-click on a saved search to access it or you can also add a saved search to the start menu. To lock a saved search in the start menu, right click on the saved search and in the context menu that appears, click on the one that says Pin to start, from where you can access the saved search in a second moment.

STEP 5 - Saving search results is a feature not only available in Windows 10, but also in Windows 7. To save a search result in Windows 7, simply perform a search as in the case of Windows 10. Now click on Archive from the top of the window. Now under the Archive options, find the one called Save Search and click on it.

STEP 6 - Now, as in Windows 10, a new window called Save As pops up. Name the search result so that you can access it using that name later. Click on the Save button. That's it, that's all.

So remember, next time you need to access the same file over and over again using Windows search, you can always ask our save search results feature for help. Hope the article was helpful.

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