How to secretly hide files behind an image

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How to hide your secret files behind an image: - Yes, you heard right. It can hide all your secret files behind harmless looking image file. No one could guess where you have securely hidden all your secret data. This is an amazing trick that you should try today. You can even prank your friends. Dive into the article to learn how to hack this awesome trick!


  • First of all, create a folder on the desktop. I created the folder and named it Merabheja.


  • Add all those files in this folder that you want to hide from others. You can add any type of file including music files, documents, videos, your secret diary, etc. I have added some documents to my Merabheja folder.


  • Now you need to compress all these files and convert them into one file. For that I used WinZipper. You can use any compression software of your choice. Another popular compression software is 7 zippers.


  • Give your compressed file an appropriate name. I gave the name Click ok once you're done.


  • Then, choose the image behind which you want to hide all your secret files. Move this image to the folder named Merabheja. This image should have .jpg extension. The image I selected has the name merabhejaNew.jpg as shown in the screenshot. That is. Now you can close this window.


  • Now open System symbol write cmd in the search box and run it from the displayed results.


  • Then copy and paste or type the following commands one by one into your System Symbol file and hit Enter after each command.


    cd DesktopName of the folder containing secret files copy /b Name of the image file.jpg + Name of the zip Name of the image file.jpg


    cd DesktopMerabheja copy /b merabhejaNew.jpg + merabhejaNew.jpg

    That is. Now you can exit the System Symbol either by typing departure or simply closing it. Refer to the screenshot below in case of difficulty.

    Note: It is very important to be careful with special symbols such as / and space when entering commands.


  • Now you can go back to the original folder. You can delete all files, including After this step, only the image file, i.e. merabhejaNew.jpg will remain in the Merabheja binder.


  • Now right-click on the image file and then choose To open with. Choose a decompression software from the list. I chose 7-Zip File Manager.


  • Here it is! Now you can extract your secret files from your secret image file just like that.

Once created, you can move the image file containing your secret files to any location as per your choice. However, you can keep it anywhere because no one would imagine that such a big secret could be under such a sweet and cute image. Feel free to leave feedback in case you need help with any of the steps. You can also check out our article on the topic Hiding a folder completely with a single command line in Windows. Keep coming back for more tips and tricks.

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