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Facebook is your favorite social network because it allows you to know a lot of information about your contacts, but you want to discover a few more tricks to find out even more? Is there a person who wants to add you and, before accepting the request, do you want to find out more about his tastes and preferences about her? Then we will help you to do it with this guide, with which we will explain to you how to see a person's Facebook likes, whether or not it is among your contacts.

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How to see a person's Facebook likes

Before starting with all the suggestions it is necessary that you know that, in the event that the person in question is not among your contacts and has a private profile, it will not be possible to find out any information about her, if not those that she herself has decided to make public.

We will not give you suggestions on how to find out information on a private profile, as these tricks are illegal, given that, in particular, they violate current privacy regulations, so be content to find out how to see the likes on Facebook of a person who is among your contacts or who has their profile set to public.

After this clarification, which was really necessary, we can begin to move on to the facts: we will explain all the steps necessary to discover the likes of your contacts and not, both for smartphones and from your home PC. Are you ready? Then let's go!

Procedure to smartphone

If you use almost always and only the smartphone, then we will explain how to see the likes on Facebook of a person directly from the official application, both for Android and for Apple.

Once logged in from the application, then visit the profile of the person you are interested in, looking for their name directly from the application search bar, select the right profile and wait for the new page to load.

As soon as you enter the page of the person in question, scroll down until you find the item See information of ..., positioned under the main image and at the info and just before the other photos uploaded by the contact.

In the new screen that will open, you will be able to view both all the contact info, such as work, education, city of birth and places where he lived, and all the pages and elements he has liked, such as for example books, movies, TV series or sports teams.

You will also be able to view the complete list of elements that the contact has put a Like, by tapping on the Show all item, located in correspondence with the title of the Like menu: remember, however, that if this person is not among your contacts and has a private profile, you will not be able to see any information about her, other than the information that she herself has decided to share with everyone.

Procedure to PC

If, on the other hand, you prefer to use the PC, then how to see the likes on Facebook of a person will be even easier for you than from a smartphone: know that it is the same procedure, whether you prefer the web version, whether you use the app for Windows 10.

Once logged in to the social network, search for the person you want to receive information about and find out what their preferences are, enter their profile and click on the Other item, located on the main bar, under the cover photo of the contact.

In the drop-down menu that opens, search for and click the "Like" option and wait for the new page to load: once loaded, you will be able to view all Likes made by the contact or divided by category, such as Artists, Athletes, Sports Teams, etc.

Both in the case of viewing from mobile or from PC, it is possible to find out what the contact likes through the feeds: if you have selected the option Receive notifications directly on the profile of the person in question, you will receive, precisely, a notification every time it performs an action, including Like an element or a page.

Steps to see your likes

What if you want to see your own likes, which maybe you put in a long time ago and you don't even remember? Very simple, just go to your profile, select "Other", as previously done for a contact of others, and select the "Like" item.

On the page that will load, you will find all the pages and activities you have Like since you joined Facebook until today: also in this case you can decide whether to view them all together or divided by categories, by selecting the items in the horizontal menu , located under the cover image.

How to See a Person's Facebook Likes: Conclusions

With this guide we have enlightened you on how to see the likes on Facebook of a person, both from the smartphone and from the PC and we are sure that we have liked you.

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