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Have you signed up on Instagram and are you curious to know how much and how your contacts use this social network? Have you exchanged friendships with the girl or boy you strive for and are you interested in knowing when was the last time he was online? With this guide you will find out how to see last login instagram of your contact, both in the conventional way and through some tricks.

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How to see Last Login Instagram

As you surely already know, in 2012 Instagram was acquired by Facebook Inc, the company of the tycoon Mark Zuckerberg and, since that moment, there has been a continuous rapprochement of the two social networks, or rather, attempts have been made to make Instagram more like Facebook.

Among the various changes that the company has made to the new platform, in 2018 the possibility of reading the time and date of the last access of a contact was introduced in the chat.

Since on Instagram, unlike Facebook, it is possible to follow a person without this in turn having accepted to follow you, in order to avoid violations of privacy, on the social network of the photos you will not be able to discover the last access of all the contacts you follow. , but only those who have tagged you in a story or with whom you have had a chat conversation.

Now that you know what the limits imposed by the social network are, you just have to find out how to see the last access Instagram, and that's what we will show you in the next paragraphs.

How to read user access

As you will have understood from the previous paragraphs, there is no single way to find out when your contact has been active on Instagram but, unfortunately, there is only one that gives you the certainty of the last access of that particular contact.
To find out what it is, start by logging into Instagram and, once on the home screen, place your finger on the paper airplane symbol, top right, and then drag it to the left.

You will thus find yourself in the "Direct" screen where you can view the list of all your contacts with whom you have had at least one interaction in the last six months, next to which you can read:

  • Active now: that is, the contact is online, you can contact him and chat with him in real time;
  • Active [nr] min ago: in this case the contact has recently disconnected and is no longer online;
  • Active [nr] hours ago: the contact has not logged in for several hours;
  • Active / as of today: the contact has not connected for at least 5 hours but has been online today;
  • Active Yesterday: Never connected today, but was online yesterday.

If the user you are interested in has not logged in in the last two days, however, no activity data will appear next to his nickname.

Always keep in mind that the last access does not refer only to the Direct area but in general means the login to the social network in general.

Furthermore, consider that this access control procedure cannot be implemented by accessing Instagram from your PC, but exclusively from your smartphone or tablet.

Other methods to see Instagram logins

As we told you previously, there are other methods to check the activities of your contacts on Instagram, the first that we will show you is to check the latest publications.

To do this, first tap on the magnifying glass at the bottom, next to the home icon, at this point, look for the nickname of the contact you are interested in to access their profile.

Once inside the new page, tap on the first preview of the list (which would be the last one published in chronological order) and, once opened in full screen, by scrolling below the photo, you can read how long ago it is. been published or, if some time has passed, the exact date of publication.

Another method that can help you understand the latest activities of a contact is to access their profile again and, once inside, select "Follow" if you have not already done so.

By selecting the same button again, on which the word "Follow Already" will now appear, a drop-down menu will appear, in which you will have to select the item Notifications: at this point, Instagram will ask you if you want to receive notifications for the publication of posts and / or stories of this contact.

This procedure will allow you, in fact, to receive notifications on your smartphone, at the exact moment in which the contact you are interested in will publish a post or a story, so you know when it is active.

We remind you, however, not to overdo the controls on a person, whoever he is: abusing the methods we have listed could, in some way, put you in a bad situation, risking to annoy the person you are following.

How to see Last Login Instagram: Conclusions

We have therefore provided you with all the necessary information on how to see the last access Instagram but, always remember that the contact you are interested in may have blocked this feature and, therefore, all your efforts may be useless.

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