How to see the likes on Instagram on the posts of other users

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For some weeks, many have been wondering how to see likes on Instagram, blacked out by the social network on published posts. By now almost all users have found that the development team of the platform has hidden the number of likes for each published post. However, tricks would already be available to learn about this data: let's find out everything.

How to see likes on Instagram

Many Instagram users may think that viewing the number of likes on posts is simply a satisfaction of simple curiosities. However, for those who use social media for work (for example influencers), this is relevant information. In fact, it allows you to "touch" how many people are actually interested in what is published, and therefore to understand the trends.

The choice of Mark Zuckerberg & Co. should be read in this way: there is the desire to sensitize users not to take into account the number of likes under the posts, and thus increase awareness of how social networks are used (soon the function could also land on Facebook). But if you have come here, it is because you have not given up and you want to understand how to see likes on Instagram. Here are our tips.

The "and others" function

If the number of likes expressed under each post published on Instagram has actually been hidden, nothing prevents you from seeing how many and which people have liked. Only you will have to do it yourself, that is, you will have to count them manually (and therefore a method to be discarded in the case of influencers with hundreds if not thousands of likes under each content). On the other hand, for “normal” profiles, it is a good solution.

Just tap on the wording "And others" and the list of all users who have liked the shared post will be displayed. It is certainly a cumbersome method, but also the most "direct" one. But we repeat: in the case of pages with thousands or millions of followers, this track is absolutely impractical.

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