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Facebook always reserves many surprises for users registered on the social network. One of these is undoubtedly the possibility of following and being followed, without necessarily having made friends. But how to see who follows you on Facebook?

If you think it takes a hacker or a computer genius do not worry, it is not so. It's really that simple and following our guide you will be shown how to do it in simple intuitive steps.
You can also find out how to know if a person is chatting on Facebook or how to hide the Facebook wall by reading our articles but now let's get back to us.
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How to see who follows you on Facebook

If you wish to find out how to see who follows you on Facebook the very first thing to do is undoubtedly to connect to the social network by entering your credentials. Well, once logged in go to Friends tab found under the cover image.

Now a list of all your friends will open and go to the writing Other and presses the voice People following the updates from the menu that appears in front of you. This way you will see all the people who follow you and their names. People will automatically follow you when you have reached the limit of 5000 friends.

Find out who is being followed on Facebook on another Profile

If you didn't know, you can do the same for other people's profiles too: what does this mean? Simple that you can view too your friends' followers and not just those who follow your personal profile.

How to do? The procedure is always the same, you will have to connect to the page of the friend you want to "spy" to see who follows him. Click on the tab Friends and then click on the item Other, then select the item People following the updates give the menu check if you press.

Here you will see all the people who follow him and locate your friends or acquaintances. A simple operation as you can see and that really takes a few minutes.

How to see who follows you on Facebook. Conclusions

We have tried to help you in find out who follows you on the most popular social network in the world but if you still have doubts you can write to us on our Fan Page and in the Comments.
As you have seen it is a simple operation and there was no need for a Nerd.

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