How to see who is online on Instagram

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Don't know how to see who is online on Instagram?

It's possible see who is online on Instagram. How? Simple: just take advantage of the function that allows you to check the last access made by users. Follow this guide carefully to find out how.

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Steps required to see who is online on Instagram

How to see who is online on Instagram? The first thing to do is open your Instagram application on your smartphone and tap on the airplane symbol located at the top right to access the Direct section.
Here you will find all the private messages exchanged with your users or with those who have mentioned you in their story.
Find the user you are interested in seeing the time of and check what is written under their name to see if they are online or if they have recently logged in.
If you find the voice Active now - it will mean that the user is currently online on Instagram.
If you find instead Active + the number of mins ago - the user is not online, it was until a few minutes ago.

Do not forget an important thing: if you have removed the last access on Instagram, before following the procedures I have indicated above, you must change the privacy settings regarding the last time you logged into your account through the following procedures .

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