How to see who is sharing my posts on Instagram

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You recently wrote the search on Google "how to see who is sharing my posts on instagram“, Why do you want to understand which profiles have recently shared the posts you have published on the popular social network feed? Very well, you found the tutorial you needed! Here are all our tips to succeed in your intent.

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How to see who is sharing my posts on Instagram

A few months ago Instagram it has become your favorite social network: you publish stories and posts every day and, which you did not think at first, you are actually having fun. You've also recently seen a substantial increase in your followers, just following the publication of a post. It is likely that several users have shared that content and now you want to know their names.

If this is the case, you need a tutorial that will explain you in detail how to see who is sharing my posts on instagram. Well, then you are in the right place at the right time: make yourself comfortable and take a few minutes of free time. However, I have to give you some bad news: Instagram doesn't allow you to see the names of people who have shared a post, only the number of those who have.

In the following paragraphs we will go to see just this through the use of the tool Statistics, available in the Instagram app for Android and iOS. Anyway, no delay: are you ready to follow our instructions carefully? Great, then let's go!

Some premises to know

Before going into the details of the procedure to be carried out, it is good that you know some preliminary information. If you want to find out the number of people sharing your posts via Statistics, you must first make the switch to a professional Instagram account (Creator or Company). This is a free and reversible operation at any time, which can be carried out via the app for Android and iOS.

To switch to a professional Instagram account you must first start the Instagram app and go to your profile screen, then press the icon   that you find at the top right. Now you will be shown a menu: here tap on the Settings item and press Account.

At this point, tap on the item Switch to a professional account and choose whether to create a Creator account (suitable for public figures, content producers, influencers and artists) or a Company account (perfect for retailers, local companies, brands, organizers or suppliers of services).

How to find out who shares my posts on Instagram

You now have all the preliminary information you need to understand how to see who is sharing my posts on instagram, so now you are wondering the whole procedure to find out the operation to be carried out. To begin, log into your account and then click on your profile icon and locate the post for which you are interested in knowing the number of shares. Once this is done, tap on it and then press on the item View statistical data.

You will be shown a new screen: here you can see the number you are interested in corresponding to the airplane symbol, with the precious information of the people who shared the post you published, sending it as a private message to other users of the social network.

As we told you in the previous lines, on Instagram it is not possible to know the name of the people who have shared a content. In fact, only the number of users who have shared is available. The operation we have talked about in this focus is still valid only for posts published after the transition to the professional Instagram account. In fact, statistical data are not retroactive.

How to see who shares my posts on Instagram: conclusions

You should now have a complete and comprehensive overview of how to see who is sharing my posts on instagram. We hope our guide was useful to you, see you next time!

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