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You are looking for a guide that will explain you in detail how to see youtube history? Very well, here we are! In this tutorial we are going to show you the procedure to succeed in your intent. This is not anything particularly long or complex: in a few simple steps you will have succeeded in your intent. Take five minutes: with our instructions you will have no particular problems in reaching your goal. Enjoy the reading!

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How to see YouTube history

Some time ago you saw a video on YouTube that particularly impressed you, now you would like to see it again but you don't have the faintest idea how to find it. And this is where we come into play: in fact, in the next few lines we will go to show you how to see youtube history using the official social app. We will analyze the procedure to follow both on smartphone / tablet and computer.

So take five minutes of free time and read carefully what we are about to tell you. With our instructions you will surely be able to find the video you saw some time ago. But let's not dwell further: let's go!

Procedure from smartphone / tablet

Would you like to see YouTube history on smartphones and tablets but have no idea how to do it? Don't despair: read carefully what we have to tell you in this paragraph. First start the social network app (available on both Android and iOS) by pressing the icon on the home page of your smartphone, then press the "Collection”In the bottom menu. This will take you to the activity screen of your account.

Here you will be able to see the history of the recently viewed videos: just press the "Recent" tab, which will show you a quick list of the videos you have played recently. Is this not enough for you and would you like to access the complete history of the videos you have seen on YouTube? It can be done: just tap on the words "Chronology”(Same screen as before) and you will be able to scroll through the list of all the videos you have seen on the social network.

It wasn't particularly difficult, was it? Now let's see how to achieve the same result, but using the PC.

Procedure to PC

Would you like to act as a PC and see the history of the videos you have played on YouTube there? Great, there is a dedicated procedure to do this. First of all, connect to the official website of the video sharing social network (use the browser of your choice). Now press on you "chronology" (left side menu) and on the next screen you can see the complete list of all the videos you have seen on YouTube.

By acting as a PC you will also be able to obtain various information relating to your history, such as your search history and comment history. Just go to the "History" section (the same as before) and click on "Search history" (item in the right side menu, called "Type of history").

There is also a useful alternative path to access the YouTube history section from a PC: you can click on the “Collection” menu item located in the left sidebar on the YouTube home page. A screen will open where you can see a short list of the videos played in the last few days. If you want to view the complete list, click on "View all" and thus access the "History" screen.

Can I see the history if I don't have a YouTube account?

Technically not: the history of searches and comments made on YouTube is tracked only after logging in with your Google account. That said, there is the possibility of doing this through an alternative method, very banal to be honest: you can see the videos you have played by going to the browser history you use. The latter is always recorded, unless you always browse incognito.

How to do? Open your favorite browser, that is the one you usually use (Chrome, Mozilla, etc.) and then go to the icon (...) and access the "History" item. There you will be able to track down all the videos you have recently seen and more.

How to see YouTube history: conclusions

You should now have a complete and comprehensive picture on how to see youtube history. Before we leave, we want to tell you that you also have the opportunity to go through the YouTube comment history. All you have to do is connect to the official website of the platform (in fact you cannot do it from your smartphone) and on the main screen click on "History" (item in the left sidebar).

You will come up with a screen where you will need to check the "Comments" item (right sidebar, where you see the "Type of history" item). You did! Now you don't miss anything: good luck!

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