How to send a Heavy video on WhatsApp

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You are looking for a guide that will explain you in detail how to send heavy video on whatsapp? Very well, you found it! In this tutorial we are going to show you all the steps to succeed in your intent. Don't worry: the procedure is very simple, just have a little attention and you will reach your goal. But no delay: let's go!

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How to send heavy video on WhatsApp

Would you like to send a video you made together to an acquaintance of yours, but the video in question really weighs a lot and you fear that it will take hours to send it or that the transfer will be blocked? Do well, because WhatsApp imposes limitations as regards the maximum file size (120 MB on Android, 128 MB on iOS and 64 MB on Windows, macOS and via the web interface) that can be sent in chats. Then of course, it also depends on the connection you are using, but in general, large files have a hard time on the instant messaging app.

If the video in question takes up more MB than expected and you want to reduce the time required for its transfer, you just have to read this guide carefully. how to send heavy video on whatsapp. Take five minutes of free time and refer to the instructions that we will show you in the next lines. Enjoy the reading!

First step: compress the video

The first thing to do if you intend to send a heavy video on WhatsApp is the compression of the latter. If you are using an Android smartphone, we recommend that you rely on the Video Compress app: it is a software that allows you to reduce the amount of video files. It supports all popular formats, is free (with in-app purchases to unlock additional features) and very easy to use.

After installing the application on your device, open it and select the video you want to reduce, then press the "Compressed Video". When the process is complete, the compressed movie will be saved in the Gallery of the device. Alternatively, you can adjust the video compression parameters yourself: just go to the “Custom” tab and move the sliders that you find under the “Video resolution” and “birate” items. To start the compression all you have to do is press the “Compress video” button.

If you are using an iPhone, you can use the Smart Video Management app to compress the video file: it allows you to reduce weight by compressing files in MPEG-4 and MOV format. The reduction can be 80%, without weighing too much on the final quality. Also easy to use, it's free but offers in-app purchases (useful for removing ads).

Once installed on your iPhone, open and select the video quality of your interest, then choose the video to be compressed from the photo library of your iPhone and click on "Choose". Wait a few moments for the procedure to be completed.

Steps to send the compressed video on WhatsApp

Once the compressed video file has been obtained, you can proceed with sending it on WhatsApp. How to do? Open the application and go to the "Chat" tab. If you are using Android, select the conversation of the contact you want to send the video to (you can select one you already have in progress or choose a new one). On the conversation screen, press the paperclip icon at the bottom and tap "Gallery". At this point, all you have to do is select the compressed movie and press the button with the paper airplane at the bottom right.

Do you want to send a compressed file on WhatsApp and are you using an iPhone? Don't worry, the procedure is very simple here too! First select the conversation you want to send the message to, or create a new one if it doesn't exist. In the conversation screen you see, tap the button [+] at the bottom left and select the item "Photo and video library". At this point select the compressed video of your device's photo library and press the button with the paper airplane at the bottom right. Now you can proceed with sending the video file.

How to send a heavy video on WhatsApp: conclusions

You should now have a complete and comprehensive overview of how to send heavy video on whatsapp. It wasn't particularly difficult, was it? We just have to wish you good luck. Until next time!

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