How to send files from PC to phone via Bluetooth in Windows 10

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Bluetooth is the best way to send files from your PC to your phone or tablet or any other device when you don't have an internet connection. While it's slow compared to some of the latest options, it's still free. Sending files via bluetooth hasn't changed much in Windows 10. But first you need to make sure it's turned on. Once turned on, you can see this icon on the system tray and then you can go to the Bluetooth control panel to start searching for the device you want to connect with. Below is a detailed guide for send files via a Bluetooth connection on a Windows 10 computer.

How to send files to phone via Bluetooth in Windows 10

Step 1 - First of all, make sure your Bluetooth is turned on. To do this, search for bluetooth in the search box on the taskbar. Click on the Bluetooth settings from the search results.

Step 2 - Now, turn on Bluetooth if it's off.

3 pass -Now, turn on Bluetooth on your phone as well. Go to the Bluetooth settings and make sure that visible to all nearby devices the fit is checked.

4 pass - Now go to your PC's Bluetooth settings and it will find your device. Click the displayed device name and click Pair Device.

5 pass - Now, as soon as your phone is paired, it will show a message to confirm the passkey to the device.

Now go back and confirm yes if it is the same numbered passkey.

6 pass - Once confirmed, the connection process is complete. Now you can easily send files from your PC to your phone via it.

To send a file, go to that file on your computer and right click and click on it. In the menu, click send to -> Bluetooth device.

7 pass - Now select the visible device name from the list and click Next and proceed with sending.

The file transfer screen will become visible and show the status of the file transfer.

Now go to your phone and click Accept to accept the incoming file via Bluetooth.

That's it, you just transferred a file from your PC to your phone via Bluetooth.


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