How to send large files Gmail: send large files

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If you have a Gmail mailbox, sending large files via email to someone is very simple thanks to the associated Google Drive service.

Google Drive is a free service included with activating your Google account.

Now we will show you how to attach large files to your email with Gmail and send them to whoever you want.

Send large files to Gmail

  • Open on your computer browser.
  • Once done, press the Write button at the top left.
  • Now type the email address of the recipient (s) the subject and the message
  • Once done to attach your files to the email (you can also attach 10 GB depending on the space available on Google Drive) select the icon that looks like a triangle.

  • Now in the window Insert files using Google Drive select Charge and in the new window the button Select Files from Device. Select the files to attach. You can also drag and drop files into the window if you want.

  • Now make sure that Link in Drive is selected.
  • Once done, press the button Charge.
  • Once you have finished uploading the files, you can send your email by pressing the button Send, and the recipient can download the files sent by clicking on the link that will appear in the email.

This operation cannot currently be performed from a smartphone or tablet. If you want from your smartphone you can use the service by accessing the browser of your device.

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