How to set affinity for an application in Windows 10

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How to set affinity for an application in Windows 10: - It doesn't matter if you have a single-core or multi-core processor. What matters is how to configure the programs in such a way that processor utilization is always efficient. Take the case of our quad-core processor. All four cores can run a single application at the same time. But do not worry. This problem can be easily solved by setting affinity for an application on the CPU. This simply means that you can assign processor cores to specific tasks based on your choice. You can determine which processor core should perform which task and so on. If you take the case of antivirus software scanning your system, you may have often noticed that the whole system slows down. This could be due to the fact that all processor cores may be busy running this single application. Read on to find out how to maximize your system performance by efficiently utilizing processor cores through affinity mapping.

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First of all, find an empty space on the taskbar and then the right mouse button In that. Now from the menu that appears, find and click on the option called Task Manager.


Now a new window called Task Manager opens as shown in the screenshot below. It has several tabs to know Processes, Performance, Application History, Startup, Users, Y Services details. And he Details form that we use to establish the affinity of an application.


When you click on the Details tab, it will show you the app list. You have to find the application you prefer by swiping up or down.

Once you've found the app, the right mouse button In that. In the context menu that appears, choose the call option Set affinity.


A small window called Processor Affinity opens as below. Here you can check the cells corresponding to different CPUs. The cells corresponding to the processors that can run the specific application you have chosen should be checked. If you agree with all processors running the application, check the box corresponding to All processors.

That's all. Now you can stop worrying about all your processor cores by focusing on simple work. Try this trick today and improve your system performance. Hope you found the article useful.

Note that restarting your computer will undo this change.

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