How to show advanced startup options in Windows 10

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16 December 2015 For Management

In this article, we will follow some methods on how to view advanced boot options in Windows 10-:

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how to show advanced boot options in windows 10

Method 1: using the Start menu

Click the Start icon located in the lower left corner of the screen. Click "Power" and then "Restart" while holding down the "Shift" key.

Method 2: Using Command Prompt

You can access the advanced boot options via the command prompt. The steps to perform this method are as follows:

Step 1:

Right click on the “Start” icon located in the lower left corner of the screen. Click “Command Prompt (Administrator)” to run Command Prompt as an administrator.

Step 2:

Enter the following command:

Shutdown.exe / r / o

Note: This method will restart your computer and you will be able to access the advanced boot options.

When we have reached the advanced level of processing, there is a great boost to the hardware capabilities of computer systems. Today, the processors that are produced are extremely fast. They are quick enough to provide the user with a graphical user interface (login screen) before taking a look at the various startup options. The blazing processor speeds have made it difficult for users to use hardware interrupts.

The hardware interrupt is described as “using keyboard functionality to work on different boot options” before the operating system starts to boot. These boot options include "BIOS Options" and "Safe Mode". A user can access these options by pressing the "Del" and "F8" keys respectively.

As processing speed increased, the time period for using these options became too short. This required Windows to provide another feature, called "Advanced Boot Options". This option was also included in Windows 7/8. It was shipped in Windows 10 with improved functionality.

The advanced startup options include various features such as Troubleshoot, Reset your PC, Uninstall previous builds, and Continue with another installed version of Windows. This feature can be seen in the screenshot below:

The troubleshooter function helps diagnose windows. Some of these features include Update, Reset, and Reinstall the current version of Windows. These features can be seen in the screenshot below:

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