How to stop Windows 10 from spying on you

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Windows 10 is widely criticized for forcibly disconnecting user data. This has sparked a debate on social media platforms how to invade privacy Through the most basic structure of the digital world (operating system) it is seen as a paid invasion of privacy by Microsoft. Although Windows 10 privacy settings are on by default to destroy your privacy, you can follow the steps below to stop Windows 10 from spying on you.

Disable Windows 10 spying with free tools

Tool 1 - O&O ShutUp10 The tool allows you to disable more than 50 Windows 10 spy features with one click. You can choose not to participate in some of them, if you really use that feature. However, most of Windows 10's spying features can be easily disabled with this one-time tool.

Tool 2- You can disable Windows 10 tracking by simply downloading DisableWinTracking Tool

and run it as an administrator. This open source tool is very easy to go private in Windows 10.

Disable everything in the privacy settings

Press the Windows key + i and go to the settings control panel. Once there, click on privacy.

Now go to each individual item in the left panel and turn it off, unless it is of the utmost importance to you. Don't forget to stop the Windows keylogger in the speech recognition, inking and writing section.

Disable Cortana

Disable Cortana by clicking on the search box on the taskbar as shown in the screenshot below.

Disable telemetry

Windows 10 has a sneaky out-of-the-box feature that has taken the internet and social media by storm. This feature allows Microsoft to collect your business and send it to you. Furthermore, the home and professional user cannot completely disable it. Only business users can disable it. You can select three options: Basic, Advanced and Complete. Even in basic settings, Microsoft says: -

This data helps Windows and applications function properly by letting Microsoft know the capabilities of your device, what is installedand if Windows is working properly.

Now no one, you and me included, will want their operating system to spy on your installed software, your business in any way. While Windows hasn't provided an option to disable this feature, you can easily disable it with a simple registry tweak.

Step 1# Premium Windows + R.

Step 2# generally Regedit In that

Step 3 # In the registry editor, find the indicated location below.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> Policies -> Microsoft -> windows -> Data collection

Step 4 # Now, create a new DWORD (32-bit) value there named as AllowTelemetry.

Step 5 # Now click on the file Windows 10 start menu icon at the bottom left and then right-click Browser on file and finally click handle.

Step 6 # Now look in the left panel.

Double-click Services and Applications, and then click Services.

Now from the list of services, you need to disable these two services.

  1. Diagnostic follow-up service
  2. dmwappushsvc

step 7 # Now double click on these two items given above and select Disabled in the drop-down boot type as below screenshot shown.

Something similar should be done dmwappushsvc Moreover.

Step 7 # Finally, restart Windows for the changes to take effect.

Delete your personal data from Microsoft Bing

Go to Bing settings. In the personalization tab, clear your data as shown in the screenshots below.

Disable Onedrive

This is important. Read: How To Delete OneDrive In One Click


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