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When we start using an Android mobile phone (smartphone), one of the very first things that is required of us is to set up a Google account.

With a Google account, our smartphone can become a real computer.

Many of the services that the US company offers by registering on its platform, including:

  • Gmail the inbox ending with @
  • Google drive that offers 5 Gb of space
  • Google Calendar, calendar to enter the birthday dates of friends
  • Google Play
  • You Tube
  • GoogleNews
  • Google Shopping o Blogger
  • Google translator,
  • Google maps and others.

The same functions are obviously also available on Tablet and PC.

It may happen, however, that we have a “used” device, perhaps given as a gift by someone who no longer uses it, and we would like to enter or modify personal information in our Google account but cannot.

In these pages we will try to explain how to change Google account and replace it in an Android or iOS / iPadOS device or on a computer.

How to switch Google accounts on smartphones and tablets

In the meantime, let's see how to change Google accounts on smartphones and tablets.

Your Android

On an Android device to change the Google account:

  • go to the system settings,
  • proceed from the section dedicated to account management,
  • open the Settings app, by tapping on the icon with the gears on the home screen or in the drawer,
  • press on Account and click on Add account.
  • select the Google logo, by logging in to our account (by first typing the email address and password in the relevant text fields),
  • accept the conditions of use of the service by pressing the Accept button,
  • wait for all information to be verified.

You will be asked to associate a payment method to the account (credit card or PayPal), if we do not want to enter any data:

  • put the check mark next to No thanks,
  • click on Continue.

Once the configuration is complete, we will automatically return to the Android settings menu:

  • select the Google account added to the device,
  • check that all the synchronization options are active (calendar, contacts, app data, etc.), otherwise:
  • activate them by moving the special levers to ON.

To remove any Google accounts previously entered on Android:

  • go to the menu Settings> Accounts> Google,
  • select the address to remove,
  • click on the (...) button at the top right,
  • choose the item Remove account from the menu that opens.

How to switch Google accounts on iPhone and iPad

To change the Google account on iPad or iPhone:

  • go to the iPadOS or iOS settings,
  • add the account to be connected to the device and, if necessary, remove the one set previously,
  •  open the Settings app, by tapping on the gray icon with gears from the Home screen,
  • click on the items Mail> Accounts> Add account,
  •  select the Google item in the screen that opens,
  • pulsating southern fare tap Continues.

You need to log into our Google account:

  • provide the login data of the account we want to add,
  • choose whether to standardize Mail, Contacts, Calendars and / or Notes by activating or deactivating the appropriate levers,
  • click on the Save button at the top right to save the changes.

To remove a previously set up Google account:

  • reach the menu Settings> Mail> Accounts,
  • click on the account name of our interest,
  • click on Delete account,
  • confirm the operation by tapping on Delete from iPad or Delete from iPhone in the new box.

In this way, the Google account associated with the iPad or iPhone has been changed and all information (contacts, emails, notes and calendars) will be synchronized in it.
As for the contacts, you need to set the Google account as default in the iOS settings, if not, the automatic synchronization of the address book will use the iCloud one.

How to switch Google Chrome accounts

If you want you can also change the account on Google Chrome. Although on Android it shouldn't be necessary if the new account has already been added.

Let's explain it anyway:

  • open the Chrome app,
  • press the three dots icon (top right or bottom right, depending on the device we use),
  • select the items Settings> Log in to Chrome or the account name currently set,
  • locate the account to add from the appropriate menu or,
  • click on Add account,
  • log into the Google account that interests us,
  • press the button Yes, I accept because finish.

How to switch accounts on Google Calendar

On Android it is necessary to make changes to the system settings, the changes will also affect the Google Calendar app.

To proceed on iOS / iPadOS:

  • open the Google Calendar app,
  • press the button (≡) at the top left,
  • go to Settings Add another account,
  • click on Continue,
  • log into the account that interests us.

To remove an account already entered:

  • move the switch next to the account to OFF,
  • go to the item Exit the new menu.

How to change Google account on PC

On Windows

Newer versions of Windows, such as Windows 10, allow you to link Google and Microsoft accounts to synchronize emails, contacts and calendars.

To change a Google account on your Windows 10 computer:

  • go to the settings panel with the gear icon in the Start menu or press the Win + I keys on your keyboard,
  • click on the Account icon from the new screen,
  • select the item E-mail and accounts from the left sidebar,
  • go to the Google account we want to remove from the computer,
  • select it and click on the Manage button that appears below,
  • in the new box, choose whether to change the account synchronization settings or replace the account with another address, by clicking on the item Delete account from this device and confirming the choice, by pressing the Delete and Done buttons.

To add a new account:

  • click on the Add an account button from the Settings> Accounts> Windows 10 e-mail and account menu,
  • select the Google logo from the menu that appears,
  • log in to the account to be added on the computer.

How to change Google account on Mac

MacOS allows you to link different Internet accounts to your user profile, for mail, contacts, notes and other data.

To edit a configured Google account:

  • open System Preferences (by clicking on the gear icon located on the Dock bar or in the Launchpad),
  • select the Internet Accounts icon from the window that opens.

If you choose to change your account sync settings:

  • select it from the left sidebar,
  • put or remove the check mark from the items we want to synchronize: Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Messages or Notes.

If, on the other hand, we wish to remove the account and replace it with another one:

  • click on the (-) button at the bottom left,
  • press the (+) button at the bottom left,
  • select the Google logo from the screen that opens,
  • log in to the account we want to associate with our Mac.

How to switch accounts on Google Chrome browser

If we use Chrome to browse the Internet, it is possible to change Google accounts to connect browser data (bookmarks, history, extensions, etc.). Furthermore, if our computer is used by several people, you can configure additional Gmail addresses and allow other users to use the browser by connecting the data with their accounts.

To change the Google account used in the program:

  • click on the three dots icon (top right),
  • go to Deactivate mail corresponding to the account to be updated,
  • confirm the operation by clicking on the Deactivate button from the new pane,
  • go back to the Chrome Settings tab,
  • click on the blue button Enable synchronization,
  • log in to the Google account to be replaced.

To adjust the data synchronization settings:

  • choose the information to be agreed on the cloud,
  • go back to the Chrome settings menu,
  • press the button Manage the data to be synchronized,
  • select / deselect the items that interest us (e.g. extensions, history, passwords or apps).

There is also the option to add another Google account to the one already configured in Chrome without deleting the existing one.

Chrome is a browser with multi-user support: this means that it can be used by several people on the same computer (or on the same smartphone / tablet).

To add a new account to Chrome:

  • click on our photo, in the upper right corner (or on the initials, if the photo has not been inserted),
  • click on the Add button,
  • choose name and avatar to assign to the user,
  • log in to the Google account with the new user.

After configuring, you can switch from one user to another (and therefore from one Google account to another), by clicking on the profile photo located at the top right and selecting the account we intend to use.

How to switch Google Calendar accounts

The Google Calendar account can be changed by logging into the web application from its main page, then:

  • connect to,
  • type the email or phone number of the Google account to use,
  • click on the Next button, providing the access password,
  • press the Next button to login.

To add an account:

  • click on the profile photo you are using,
  • select the item Add another account from the menu that opens,
  • log into the account that interests us.

How to edit Google account

To change the mobile number or password, associated with the Google account:

  • connect to Google com o Google com,
  • click on the Login button at the top right,
  • log in to your account,
  • click on the profile photo at the top right,
  • press the My Account button in the new menu to go to the account management page,
  • select the information to change.

To change your personal information, such as your name, email and phone number:

  • go to Personal Information,
  • click on the data to be changed,
  • click on the Save button.

To change your password:

  • click on Password, entering the current password,
  • enter the new one in the New password and Confirm new password text fields,
  • press the Change password button.

For the password to be secure, it is recommended that it be at least 13-15 characters in length, difficult to guess and that it contains both upper / lower case letters as well as numbers and special characters.

In the Security section, by clicking on Two-step verification, you can activate two-factor authentication: a function that guarantees greater security of your account, by associating a temporary code to be received via SMS with the Google password.

To get it:

  • click on the item in the Google Access box,
  • provide the account password,
  • click the Activate button,
  • follow the instructions on the screen.

To use Google history:

  • from the Data and personalization menu,
  • select the item Use Task Manager present in the Task Management pane,
  • activate or deactivate the functions of our interest with the appropriate switches and buttons,
  • click on the item Manage the activity to see the Google history.

Returning to the home page for managing the Google account, by clicking on the Data and personalization item, you can change the language and choose the search settings, using the words in the General and Web preferences box.

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