How to tag on Twitter

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How to tag on Twitter

Have you registered on the tweet social network but you are not sure about some features of the platform? If you don't know for example how to tag on twitter your friends inside photos or messages don't worry: this guide will help you do it in a few steps.

How to tag on Twitter. Steps

If you don't know how to tag your friends on Twitter, feel free to follow these simple tips. First do the login to social, with your credentials. Well now to mention someone in your messages you will have to type the name of the user anticipated by the snail symbol @ within the tweet you want to write.

I recommend: you will have to enter the name of the Twitter user and not his real name otherwise the tag will not be recognized by the social network.
Also remember another important thing: if you type the name of the user you want to mention at the beginning of your message, it will only be visible to you, the user and the followers who follow you. If, on the other hand, the tag does not appear at the beginning of the sentence, then the tweet will be visible to all other users, regardless of who follows you.

Of course, in addition to messages, you can also mention other users in your photos.

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