How to track spyware or malware via cmd

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Sometimes we find that our internet connection suddenly becomes too slow for no reason. Sometimes spyware or malware is connecting in the background and using your internet connection. Now, even though I know your firewall is a tool that can detect it, there's nothing wrong with holding the target to yourself and finding out. Command Prompt is a very powerful Windows tool that you can use to find out if anyone is connecting to the internet in the background to send your data. Here's how to do it.

How to Track Spyware / Malware with the Comand Indicator

Step 1# First open the command prompt and run as administrator

Step 2 # Now paste the code given below and hit enter

netstat -abf 5 > activity.txt

Step 3 # wait 10 to 20 seconds or a few minutes if you wish. It all depends on how long you want to log network traffic.

Step 4 # Now press CTRL + C

Step 5 # Now go to C:> Windows> System32 and find activity.txt files in this folder. Open this file and view the data.

The lines circled in orange are the ones your PC connects to even when you're not doing anything. Try opening them directly in your browser or Google them to find out if they are suspicious. In my case, it turned out that was accessing my browsing pattern using browser cookies.

No serious threats were found when I used it on my PC. But who knows, there might be some threat on your computer. Just find out.

If that sounds complex, you can simply download this simple TCPView window utility software program

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