How to unsubscribe from Instagram

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How to unsubscribe from Instagram

Have you realized that after all you are not as addicted to Instagram as you thought? Well, if what you want is to delete your social account, then read this really interesting guide to understand how to unsubscribe from Instagram. Enjoy the reading.

How to unsubscribe from Instagram: Steps

Alla domanda "How to unsubscribe from Instagram?" can't find an answer?
Don't worry, we will now explain step by step what to do.

First of all connected to this page, through this link and if you are not logged in, enter your credentials (username and password).

Well, now indicate the reason why you want to unsubscribe from Instagram, using the drop down menu Why are you deleting your account? Among the options available are: privacy concerns, too many ads, too many commitments / distracting me too much, I created another account, I want to remove something, unable to find people to follow, teething problems, more.

Next to the item To continue, enter the password again, enter your access code and press the red button Delete my account permanently.

It is good to remember that once you have deleted an account on Instagram it is impossible to reactivate it. All photos, likes and data saved on the service are deleted and it is even impossible to register again on the social network using the same username.

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