How to unsubscribe from LinkedIn Premium

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You are trying to understand how to cancel LinkedIn Premium? Very well, we are here! In our focus we explain step by step the procedure to disable the automatic renewal of the paid version of the well-known social network. This is not a particularly long or complex operation: it only takes a few minutes of your free time and you will have reached your goal. But no delay: let's go!

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How to unsubscribe from LinkedIn Premium

Have you signed up on LinkedIn and activated the Premium function, but now you have found a job and you think that the paid version is no longer useful and you want to deactivate it? Excellent, you are in the right place: through this guide you can easily cancel your subscription whether you are using a PC or a mobile device.

We can therefore start with the deactivation procedure that can be carried out via computer, and then go and see how to cancel LinkedIn Premium on Android and iPhone.

From computer

First you need to know that in general, regardless of the device you are using, for cancel LinkedIn Premium you must access your profile settings and proceed at least 24 hours before the subscription renewal date. How to do? First of all, connect to the LinkedIn home, enter your profile access data to enter your account and click on the photo located at the top right.

Now select Access “My Premium” or Premium subscription settings: a page will open with the item Manage Premum account. Click on that and then click Cancel subscription. At this point, click on Continue with the cancellation. Immediately after you will see a screen that reads Before you go, leave a feedback: here you can explain to LInkedIn the reason for your choice (among these we have not used or do not understand the Premium features, I have updated for a specific project, It is too expensive, I was not going to pay after the free trial, I got a job and I don't need this subscription anymore and More).

Checked the motivation you prefer, click on Confirm cancellation: You have turned off LinkedIn Premium auto-renewal. The deactivation confirmation will take place as soon as the message is sent to you. The cost of the product will no longer be charged to you. Click on Finish to complete the procedure.

Give mobile device

The necessary premise is that LinkedIn Premium cannot be canceled from the app: in fact, the application of the service for Android and iOS devices does not allow you to deactivate your subscription. However, if the service has been activated via computer, you can deactivate it using the browser of the device in use (for Android), while on iPhone and iPad just go to the iOS settings. But let's go in order.

Start the browser of your choice (Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for example) and always connected to the social site, as mentioned above. Access your profile and then click on the three dots icon at the top right, or choose the Desktop site option from the menu that appears. Now press on your photo: from here on the procedure is identical to the one we saw using the computer.

If, on the other hand, you have subscribed to LinkedIn Premium from the app using an iPhone or an iPad, then you have to go to the settings of your device and cancel your subscription directly from there. How to do? Tap the Settings icon (gear wheel), press your name and then choose the iTunes and App Store option. At this point, press on your Apple ID, tap on View Apple ID and authenticate via Face ID, Touch ID or entering the Apple ID password.

Once here, select Subscriptions, and in the Active ones locate the LinkedIn subscription. To deactivate it, all you have to do is click on Cancel subscription. You did it: the premium service of the social network has been deactivated! The procedure is the same as the one you need to perform from a computer or an Android browser if you have activated the subscription from the LinkedIn website.

To do this, proceed using your favorite browser (for example Safari) by connecting to the LinkedIn site. Log in to your account, press the arrow icon inside a square at the bottom and choose the Request desktop site option from the menu that opens. From now on, the operation is identical to those analyzed previously.

How to cancel LinkedIn Premium in case of problems

You should now have a complete picture on how to unsubscribe from LinkedIn Premium. It wasn't difficult, was it? However, you may run into some issues that can prevent you from deactivating the automatic renewal of your subscription. What to do in these cases? In our opinion it is good and right to contact theLinkedIn help.

You can do it both from PC and from smartphone or tablet using the social app. This way the platform operators will give you the answers you are looking for. Good luck!

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