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Are you a big user of Whatsapp and, talking to a friend or relative, have you discovered that a version of the app has been released with new features that you do not have yet? Are you sure there is a newer version of the world's most popular messaging app and you want to update it? Relax! Thanks to this tutorial you will find out how to update whatsapp on android without locking on outdated versions.

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How to Update WhatsApp on Android

Let's start by saying that Whatsapp, like all other apps, may release updates for some versions of Android before others, so it is very likely that the coolest update your friend is using. is not yet available for your OS version.

Furthermore, consider that the most recent Android versions do not always take precedence over the previous ones: it is likely, in fact, that the developers have made updates that are initially compatible with older versions of Android and, therefore, to apply the precautions necessary to make them compatible even for the most recent systems, it will take a little more time.

Now that we have made these clarifications we can begin to find out how to update Whatsapp on Android, in case Google Play has not done so by itself, with automatic updates.

Whatsapp update via Google Play

As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, the update of Whatsapp usually takes place automatically from the Google Play Store, that is to say the app that contains all the apps and updates of the same, the one that you have surely already used to install the apps you have. currently on the smartphone.

To check if there is a new version of Whatsapp in the Store that has not been updated, you will simply have to open Google Play and proceed as if you wanted to install the app for the first time.

Tap on the search bar and type the name of the application, in this case Whatsapp Messenger, then once the results are displayed, select the one from the original Whatsapp Inc. app and, at this point, you will enter the application tab.

If you see a green button with the word Open appear, then it means that your app is updated to the latest version available for your operating system and, therefore, you will not be able to do anything but wait for the update to become available for you too. .

If, on the other hand, next to the white Uninstall button you will see a green button that says Update, then it means that there is a version available and, by tapping on the button, you can launch the update and wait for the installation to complete.

In case you find yourself in the latter situation, then it is likely that you in the Google Play settings are not activated automatic updating of apps.

To find out, open the Play Store app, tap on the hamburger menu (the three horizontal lines in the search bar) and, in the side menu, choose the Settings option.

At this point, select the menu item Automatic app update and three options will appear: if the option Do not automatically update apps is selected, then the reason why your Whatsapp had remained at a previous version is precisely the fact that Google Play it just waits for you to manually update your apps.

If, on the other hand, the Only via Wi-Fi option is selected, it is likely that in recent times, you have never relied on a wireless network, probably because you are on vacation in an area that does not have one, in this case Google Play did not proceed to install updates.

Finally, if the automatic update is set to the On any network option, then there is something preventing the Play Store from making updates as they become available, probably a bug, so we suggest you clear the cache and clear the data from app settings.

Whatsapp update from APK

If, as we have just seen, a problem persists in the Play Store that blocks updates, or if your smartphone does not have the Google Play app inside, do not despair, we know how to show you how to update Whatsapp on Android in another way. .

By connecting to the Whatsapp page dedicated to the Android environment, you will have the possibility to install the latest version of the application in APK format.

This extension, which may sound unfamiliar to you, is the one that identifies Android app installers, so don't be scared, it's nothing dangerous.

Once the APK file has been installed, which you will find in the download folder of your device, before launching it you will need to make a change in the settings: you will have to authorize the system to accept the installation of apps not coming from the Play Store but from other external sources.

Once this permission has been granted, launch the APK file and wait for the update to be installed: to verify that everything has occurred correctly, you can check if the version has changed, simply by selecting Whatsapp in the App menu of the phone settings.

How to Update Whatsapp on Android: Conclusions

Now that you have discovered all the steps to update your app and know exactly how to update Whatsapp on Android, you should have solved your problem.

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