How to use Bluetooth on Windows 11

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Windows 11's new Settings menu changes the way you use Bluetooth devices on your PC. Fortunately, it's now easier than ever.

Microsoft has completely redesigned Windows 11 to increase productivity, improve accessibility and provide a smooth and functional next-generation user interface. This revamp is a huge boon for fans of Bluetooth audio devices, peripherals, and file sharing, as it's now easier than ever to connect everything.

So how do you use Bluetooth in Windows 11? Read on as we tell you everything you need to know about setting up Bluetooth on your Windows 11 PC.

How to add a Bluetooth device to Windows 11

Setting up Bluetooth devices on Windows 11 is easier than ever. The new and improved Windows 11 Settings app makes configuring Bluetooth devices super accessible.

To add a Bluetooth device to your Windows 11 PC:

  • Search Settings in the menu Start of Windows 11 and click on the result to launch the app Settings .
  • Select Bluetooth and devices from the sidebar within the app Settings and turn on Bluetooth by activating the option Bluetooth .
  • Now you need to turn on your Bluetooth device and click on the large rectangular box labeled Add device to add a new Bluetooth device to Windows 11.
  • Select the type of Bluetooth device you want to pair with and click on your device name to connect it to the PC.
  • Windows 11 will then show you a confirmation message and you can click end to complete the process. You will also see a rectangular box at the top of the screen showing that the new Bluetooth device has successfully connected.

To remove a Bluetooth device from Windows 11, go to Settings> Bluetooth and devices> Devices , find your device and click on menu with three dots . It is therefore possible disconnettere o remove the device as needed.

How to share files via Bluetooth on Windows 11

It is relatively common to send and receive files via Bluetooth on the PC. Here's how to share files via Bluetooth on Windows 11:

  • Log in to Settings> Bluetooth and devices.
  • Make your device visible by activating the Bluetooth .
  • Click on View other devices and scroll down to find Send and receive files via Bluetooth.
  • On the other device, enable Bluetooth and make it visible for Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Follow the instructions of the Bluetooth File Transfer wizard to share files between your devices.


Windows 11 has undergone a massive redesign for the better, and the improved Settings app is a testament to that. Managing your Windows PC and devices has never been easier and this also applies to connecting, organizing and removing Bluetooth devices from your computer.

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