How to use Chrome and Mozilla as Notepad

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December 14, 2015 Of Directors

Have you thought about the time between the browser and the operating system? Well, in my case it's 80:20. 80% of the time I look through the Internet window and rarely go back to my PC for work. That's why Chrome has increased its potential day by day and today is much more than a browser. It's a PDF reader, web cutter, spell checker, and other things. You may have used Chrome in many ways, but today I'm going to show you how to use it that way Pad.

Just paste this code given below into the notepad provided below.

To make your browser an instant notepad, simplly type this in the URL bar: data:text/html, And for more beautiful versions paste code given below data:text/html, html { }window.onload=function(){var e=false;var t=0;setInterval(function(){if(!e){t=Math.round(Math.max(0,t-Math.max(t/3,1)))}var n=(255-t*2).toString(16);"#ff"+n+""+n},1e3);var n=null;document.onkeydown=function(){t=Math.min(128,t+2);e=true;clearTimeout(n);n=setTimeout(function(){e=false},1500)}}

code provided in this text panel here

But wait a second, why would anyone use the browser as a notepad? The first and foremost advantage is that you can easily switch between tabs and your writing, secondly, some browsers like Chrome have spell checking enabled. So it will be an automatic spell check. To enable spell checking in Chrome, go to settings-> advanced settings-> languages.

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