How to use Facebook without a mouse at a faster speed

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Now why would anyone want to do this when all is well so far? It could be for a modification or it could be that your mouse is causing you problems and you are lazy enough to buy one. Either way, here's a refreshing way to use Facebook.

How to use Facebook without a mouse

  1. First log into Facebook.
  2. Now, just press J and it will scroll you one story at a time.
  3. To upload, use K.
  4. Then pressing j will scroll you down in the news feed and press K It will take you, story by story.
  5. The stories are highlighted by a thin blue line covering them.

  1. Now we come to the next tip.
  2. NRAMA: What if you like history?
  3. Simple! Press l And you will immediately like the selected post.
  4. Q: What if I want to share the story?
  5. Just press if all three options will appear. Press s again to scroll through the options. Press s for the last desired option.

Interestingly, this jyl also works on albums.

Pressing j will go to the next photo and k will go back to the previous photo.

Want to please a boring friend who even posts his fart on Facebook?

Just open the 999 recently uploaded photos you don't want to analyze.

Start pressing J and L

And you will love the post as you scroll through the photos.

You can increase your good karma if you like your boring friend.


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