How to use Focus Assist to disable Windows 10 notifications for a specific time interval

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Have you ever made a really important presentation at a conference or writing an important document or showing your pictures in a presentation or even playing games and a creepy notification pops up on the screen? This is very annoying as it hinders our work and also disintegrates your attention from your important task. Focus assistant is a useful feature for users who want to focus on their work in Windows 10, as it allows them to prioritize or control their work on how and when they can be notified of new emails, phone calls, messages and alerts based on to your preferences.

How can you access Focus Assist and adjust its configuration settings?

If you want to keep your attention on your presentations during meetings or if you're on a really important project and don't want to be interrupted by toast notifications, check out this tutorial on how to turn off focus assisted notifications. for Windows 10.

There are two ways to do this Apri Focus Assist:

First option:

1.1. Click windows icon then click settings.

1.2. you will find a settings menu, select System in the menu and then in the left menu click focus assist.

Second option:

2.1. Click Action center icon on the taskbar and then right-click on "focus assist" menu option (if you can't find the focus assist option, click "expand" to see the full menu).

2.2. Click on go to settings an option and a focus assist dialog will appear on the screen.

Here you can see three options to choose from:

one. off: If checked, indicates that the focus assist is disabled and you will receive all your notifications.

2. Priority only:

  • When checked, it allows you to prioritize and receive notifications, reminders, calls, emails and messages from specific contacts and even some apps you want to receive notifications to.

  • A list of options will appear to select the time you want to receive notifications of the selected call, messages and reminders by clicking on customize your priority list.

  • You can select your preference to add or remove contacts and apps you want to be notified of even if you're working on Windows 10.

3. Alarms Only: This option when selected allows you to receive alarm notifications only.

Focus assist for automatic rulers

Automatic rules allow the user to set the time preference for which they do not want to receive notifications.

By enabling this option, you can get your work done with maximum concentration because this option allows the system to automatically turn off the notification system for the set times. You can choose by tapping the “During these hours” option and a box will appear where you can set your preferred times., Repeat options such as weekdays or weekends and focus level, ie for what you want to prioritize to notifications.

Automatic rules also consist of options such as:

When I mirror my screen: When it is “ON”, it automatically disables the system to receive notifications during presentations.

When I am playing: When “ON”, it automatically disables the system to receive notifications during the game.

When I'm at home: This option can also be prioritized based on your preferences after adding your location on the device.

This feature also allows the user to view the summary of all notifications missed when the feature is disabled.

With the use of this feature, you can always focus on your work and make it better and more visionary.

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