How to use Kaspersky Cleaner to clean your PC

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We've always known that CCleaner is king when it comes to system cleaning, but recently Kaspersky has joined the competition with a free alternative called Kaspersky Cleaner. It is currently in beta, so expect some bugs and glitches here and there. Now let's check out the Cleaner.

The download link is will download and install the main installation file which is approximately 24MB in size. Once the program is installed, open it and you will be presented with this window.

Kasperky Cleaner Main UI

The user interface is clean, minimalist and respects the Windows 10 user interface. The program has four main functions (from left to right).

  1. System cleaning
  2. Reset system settings
  3. Private browsing
  4. Traces of remote activities

Each section is divided into Major Issues, Medium Severity Issues, and Minor Issues

1) System cleaning

It cleans unwanted files like caches, temporary internet files, system dumps and many others that potentially affect system performance. You can control the activities according to your needs.

System cleaning

2) Reset system settings

This section helps to fix common problems like registry freezing or task manager freezing or if your updates are blocked., It is useful whenever you are dealing with some problems and you don't know what you are looking for. It's like a Swiss army knife.

Reset system settings

3) Private browsing

As the name suggests, this section helps to combat privacy issues such as Internet Explorer clearing logs, Cortana, system operations, Windows 10 privacy settings. Unlike others, it does not have a media section severity.

Private browsing

4) Remove activity traces

This section removes search history, cookies, temporary system folder and Windows logs, unlike private browsing which only removes Windows 10 privacy settings, recent documents.

Remove activity traces

If you want to perform all actions in one instant, choose starts scanning option in the main user interface. Then hit fix and all problems will be fixed

Start scanning

Revert changes

This option cancels any changes made by the software.

With major antivirus companies creating their own disk cleaning and performance enhancement utilities, it was time for Kaspersky to make its move and Kaspersky Cleaner was born. Its user interface is clean and minimalist and compared to Windows 10, unlike CCleaner which provides a clunky interface. For a layman, this is a perfect solution to keep everything smooth. Although it might satisfy even experienced users. I myself find that I use this software very often, although there are some things that I find missing like deleted file recovery, battery boost and other stuff, but as this software is free I am not very bothered. Hope the final version introduces some new features. Until then Kaspersky Cleaner Beta to the rescue!

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