How to use Microsoft One Drive in Windows 10

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A guide is a file hosting and synchronization service managed by Microsoft. It allows users to store personal files and data, share and synchronize files across various mobile devices. Microsoft documents can be uploaded directly to One Drive.

The main features of One Drive are

  • One Drive offers 5GB of additional space to the user.
  • It allows you to sync files on Android, Windows Phone, iOS mobile devices and computers.
  • Contains file history, which means you can undo changes.

1) Create a One Drive account

1. Open One in any Web browser come Google Chrome.

2. Select sign up for free box.

3. Choose "Create a Microsoft account " on the left side of the web page.

4. Just below Create an account it's an empty field, mention yours Email address and go to The next.

5. Create a password for your account in the blank field and select The next.

6. A new web page will open. Check the email. Enter the verification code sent to your entered email address and choose The next.

7. The screen will be as shown below, Log in il captcha and complete the verification by clicking The next.

your A guide The account has been created now you can start exploring One Drive.

2) Installing a drive in Windows 10

1. close A guide with Windows 10 search box.

2. A new Windows page will open, as shown below. Click on Start.

3. Write your own Microsoft email address and select Record.

4. Mention the Costa degli Etruschi is the password from your account and go to To record.

(In order for One drive not to create any file sync problems, you can change the location of the One Drive folder.)

5. you A drive folder will open. Click The next.

6. Choose Not now and use the free version.

7.Select Open my folder from a drive.

A drive folder will open. Start by syncing your files by clicking The next.

Your drive folder is created. Start by uploading, sharing, archiving and syncing files.

3) Carica i file su One Drive

1. close Browser on file in the Windows 10 search box.

2. Open it and choose A guide in the menu on the left.

3. To insert files on your device in the One Drive folder.

(You can do this from drag and drop folders or from Copy paste function.)

After completing the above-mentioned steps, you can view your files in the One Drive folder and you will get automatically synchronized on the bill.

Saving files directly to the One Drive folder will save you memory space.

4) Choose which folders to sync from a drive

You must specify which files on One Drive should be accessible from your computer; otherwise it will be difficult to manage all files and folders.

1. Select the file Cloud icon at the bottom right of the screen on the taskbar.

2. Select More option in the right corner.

3. A toolbox will open. To choose Settings.

4. Choose the second option account and select Choose folders box.

5. Deselect Synchronize all files and folders on One Drive and click OKAY.

6. Put a file checkmark on the files you want to access via your PC.

7. Then select OKAY.

After completing these steps, only the selected files will be available in the One Drive folder.

Use of One Drive files on demand

One Drive's Files On Demand feature lets you access all the files in your One Drive account without first having to download documents and other media files to your computer. It helps to free up a lot of storage space.

one. The right mouse button From the One Drive (cloud) icon on the taskbar, choose the file three dots plus icon then click settings.

2. Choose settings option and put a check mark on Save space and download files as you use them. Then select OKAY.

3. The File On Demand Service has started. Now Write A guide in the search box e The right mouse button in any file and choose one of the two options Free up space (the file will only be available when there is an Internet connection) or Always keep on this device ( the file will be accessible offline).

7) Share files using One Drive

1. Open A guide Y The right mouse button on the One Drive file you need to share and click Share a link of a drive.

2. A new notification will appear informing you that a new link has been created. And it will be Copied to clipboard. You must paste the link and send it to the recipient.

8) Get more One Drive storage space

1. Click Cloud icon on the taskbar e The right mouse button in More option and select Settings.

2. Select the file account option. Here it is shown how much storage space has been used. The free version we used here only gives users 5GB of space. For more space click Get more storage.

3. Will return to to record page. Like this Enter your password and a new window will open as such.

3. Go to Manage storage space and free space. For more storage capacity, download the premium version.

We hope the previous article helped you understand One Drive in Windows 10 and overcome any difficulties you encountered while using it.

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