How to use Outlook without an email account

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How to use Outlook without an email account.

Microsoft Outlook can be transformed into a simple but powerful task and project manager, making it useful even if you don't need it for emails. But how? After all, Outlook always greets you with a “Welcome to Outlook” screen and asks for your email address.

You can start Outlook without an email address. This allows you to use the software for your calendar and tasks or just for managing your contacts.

How to use Outlook without an email account

In the windows bar in the search enter the part below and press enter:

outlook.exe /pim

Note the space between “.exe” and “/ pim” in the above command. Also, there should be no space in the profile name. The profile name can be any name you want to call the local account by. Outlook starts without an email address, contacts, tasks, or calendar entries.

Any personal information created in this clean Outlook profile will only be available on this local computer. None of your information will be synced unless you also add an email account to Outlook that supports sharing of contacts, tasks, and calendar entries.

How to add an account in Outlook

If you want to add an email account later, you can follow these two methods:

  1. You can go up File> Info> Add Account to start the process of adding an email address if you wish.
  2. You can also connect to a backup PST file and bring data into this Outlook without account. Go to File> Open and Export-> Open Outlook Data File .  This data file can be turned into your default Outlook account from  File> Account Settings> Account Settings> Data Files> Set as Default .
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