How to use the address toolbar feature in the Windows 10 taskbar

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How to use the address bar feature in the Windows 10 taskbar: - There are some toolbars that are already defined by Windows 10 and which will be accessed directly from the Windows taskbar. The Address toolbar is one of those toolbars that helps you access any website directly from the Windows taskbar using your default browser.

Address toolbar it's basically a shortcut that gives you the freedom to browse any website without launching the browser for that.

These are some simple steps to use the address toolbar in Windows 10

Step 1:-

Right-click on the Windows taskbar. A pop-up window will appear.

Step 2:-

Go to Toolbars and click Address Toolbar.
When you click Address Toolbar, one file Address toolbar it will appear in the lower right corner of the Windows taskbar, which is very similar to the search bar.

Step 3: -

If the taskbar has bloccato, You can unlock it easily.

Right click on the Windows taskbar and click Lock the taskbar. Now the Windows taskbar is Unlocked it is free.

Step 4: -

To navigate a website via the address toolbar, just type URL of that website you want to access, then press enter.
For example, we entered the URL of a website called Mera Bheja.

You will now be redirected to that Mera Bheja website via your default browser. In this example the default browser is Microsoft Edge, so the website will open via the edge browser.

If you want to see the recent Story of the websites you accessed, there is a file drop-down button for you in the address toolbar.
When you click on the drop-down button, you will see a medium sized pop-up window that contains all of your browsing history.

In addition to the drop-down button, you will find a file update button. Using the Refresh button, you can refresh the current website in your web browser.

You can also remove the address toolbar history.

Here are some simple steps to remove the address bar history: -

Step 1:-

Go to the My Computer window.

Step 2:-

See the address bar above showing my comp.

Step 3: -

Right click on that bar, a pop-up window will open.

Step 4: -

Select delete history and press Enter.

By following these steps you can easily delete the browsing history of the address bar.
This article is entirely about the Address bar. Follow these simple steps and you can have quick access to your website without launching your web browser.

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