How to use the God Mode option in Windows 10

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God mode in Windows 10: - Windows 10 offers a feature known as God Mode for people who like to personalize their device. God Mode is a custom shape of the control panel. The following image shows what the Control Panel looks like.

The settings are sorted. However, you need to delve into each of the settings to open related features. Even in God Mode, the settings are sorted in Administrative Tools, AutoPlay, etc., just like in the Control Panel. But they are better organized with almost all functions available with one click. Change the resolution if screen or backup options are possible with one click. God mode also offers simpler autoplay options. God Mode was available since Windows Vista and is still running on the latest Windows 10 devices. This feature is hidden directly from users. It is not available in All apps or the Cortana bar. But do not worry. Here is a little trick you can use to activate God mode. Follow the steps carefully:

  • The right mouse button anywhere on the desktop. To choose New followed by Picker. This creates a new folder on the desktop.

  • The right mouse button in the new folder you created and click Rename.

  • Name the folder as follows:

Modalità Dio. {ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}

A folder with an icon similar to the Control Panel will be created. You can give any other name to the created folder. You can call it say NewMode. To do this, simply type the folder name like

Nuova modalità. {ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}

For any other name, change the “GodMode” part of the name.

  • Click on the created folder. When it opens, you can see the Control Panel as shown in the image below.

  • If you no longer want GodMode, you can remove it simply by deleting the created folder.

If you are someone who likes to see all settings in one UI, this is the feature you shouldn't miss. God Mode saves a significant amount of time by gathering all configuration options on one screen. Go ahead and try it!

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