How to use the new PowerToys to open run commands in Windows 10

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If you've used the run command often enough, PowerToys changes that method in style. Microsoft recently introduced this open source application which replaces the traditional Run (Win + R) command you have used to date.

This PowerToys runtime launcher helps you quickly find applications and files, search for plugins, and execute processes. While it will support all commands run by Run currently, it will also have many other features that will make it more powerful.

So how do you use the new PowerToys to open the run command on your Windows 10 PC? Let's see how.

How to use PowerToys to open run commands in style

Step 1: Open your browser, paste the following web address into the address bar and press Log in:

Now scroll down and under the file Goods section, click on the first link, PowerToysSetup-0.18.1-x64.msi to download the PowerToys installation file.

Step 2: Now follow the instructions of the file Prepare installation wizard power toys.

Step 3: Once installed, you can now open power toys from the desktop shortcut or just click Home at your desk, type power toys In the search box, right-click the result and click Run as administrator to open it in administrator mode.

* Note - run power toys You must have .NET Core installed on your system. If you don't have it yet, download it from this link for Windows:

4 phase: As the power toys the application opens, you will see many functions on the left, but the main feature is the PowerToysRun. Click on it and on the right side of the screen, you will find the file Shortcuts section. This shows the shortcut to open PowerToysRun which is configured for Alt + Space (you can change it to your favorite keys).

Step 5: Now go to the desktop and press the button Alt + Space keys together on the keyboard to open the search box where you can search for all commands and more. Just type a few letters of the command and a list of related commands will appear. Hit Log in to open the program.

Step 6: You can explore other functions, such as clicking Keyboard manager option on the left side and on the right side you will see options such as Remap the keyboardo Reassign shortcuts. For example, if you click Remap the keyboard, you can choose and configure the keys according to your preferences.

4 phase: You can change the size of the images by clicking Change the image size on the left and then right of the screen, you can set their values.

Step 5: Click on File Explorer Preview and on the right side of the screen rotate the options - SVG preview controller e Markdown preview controller enabled or disabled depending on how you want to preview the file Browser in files.

That is. You can try out the other features of PowerToys and access the Run launcher in a whole new way.

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