How to use the Snip & Sketch app in Windows 10: a complete guide

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Do you want to edit screenshots directly after capturing them? Do you want to make changes such as marking or drawing on the image? 'Cut out and draw' is an application in Windows 10 that helps the user take a screenshot of the current screen, and can also make changes to the application settings to take the screenshot after a few seconds, and in addition to the normal screenshot, it allows you to make a selection . where you want a screenshot of the screen. In addition, it also includes customization of pen type, ink color and pen size. You can also copy, save and share your edited image. Here is a tutorial to guide you in using the Snip and Sketch functions and some tips and tricks are also mentioned in this app.

NOTE: This app is the modified version of 'Crop tool'.

How to open Snip & Sketch

First, open the document or menu or whatever you want to cut out. and then select one of the following options to open the application.

The Ffirst way to open cutout and sketch is to click on the file windows then the icon scroll through the menu and click cut out and draw option to open the app.

Ilsecond way is to seek Cut out and draw a search box then click on the application to open it.

Now to App Snip & Sketch will appear on the screen. To take a screenshot of the editing screen, click 'New' in the top left corner of the app.

You see it the screen is dark and the cropping tools appear at the top of the screen.

Here you can choose the type of crop you want to use and then release the slider.

1. Rectangular clip: Lets you draw a rectangle for the specific area you want to crop.

2. Freehand clip: It allows you to crop the area freely and use it for editing.

3. Full screen clip: It allows you to capture the entire screen for further editing.

You will be redirected to the application and your snip will be ready for editing.

Tips and tricks for using each tool and option

1. How to delay the cutting time.

In the upper left corner, in addition to “New”, you will find a file drop down arrow you have the opportunity to delay the time limit. This can be used if you want to cut 5 or 10 seconds after the command given to crop the screen.

2. How to choose the image from the saved files.

You can also edit the image you want from the images saved on your device. Select the "Open document" located at the top left, then select the image you want to edit.

You can also click on "Ctrl + O ‘ from the keyboard to open the folder.

3. How to undo / redo the change

You can Undo o remake the change made in the app by clicking on the file counterclockwise arrow o clockwise arrow respectively.

To cancel the change you can also press'Ctrl + Z ‘ on the keyboard.

Similarly, to redo the change, you can press “Ctrl + Y” on the keyboard.

4.How to use touch typing

You can write whatever you want on the image by selecting "Tactile writing" with a touch screen, but if you don't have a touch screen, you can also use the mouse cursor to type.

You can also enable or disable this option by pressing “Alt + T” on your keyboard.

5. How to use the writing tools

You can write or highlight the cutout by selecting one of three writing tools:

1. pen 2. pencil 3. highlighter

You can also use keyboard shortcuts to select any of these tools. For ball press “Alt + B”, to use pencil print “Alt + I” and for highlighter use “Alt + H” key.

By selecting the drop down arrow or double tapping the icon, you can customize the color and size of these tools.

6. How to discard the change

By selecting the 'Eraze ' In the top center menu, you can cancel the change by moving the cursor to the area of ​​the crop you want to cancel.

7. How to use the ruler / protector

il ruler is used to draw a straight line and you can also use the protective from the drop-down menu to draw a bow or cake from a certain angle.

8. How to crop the image

By clicking the 'Crop' you can crop the image after selecting the part you want to crop and then pressing Enter on your keyboard.

9. How to save, copy and share the cutout

Once you're done editing, you can 'SAve’ your change in .jpg, . Png Y . Gif. by selecting the save icon in the top right menu.

The hotkey to save the snip is “Ctrl + S” from the keyboard.

You can also 'Copy ‘ the image to the clipboard to paste it into another document by selecting the copy icon in the top right menu.

You can click on “SHare' icon to share the image via email or any other displayed application.

10. How to print the image

You also have the option of Print the edited image. click the menu in the top right corner of the application and select print, then select the printer connected to the device.

Alternatively, you can also use the hotkey “Ctrl + P” from the keyboard to print the image.

11. How to open the image in another image editing application

If you want to make more changes, you can select "To open with" from the menu in the upper right corner and select the application whose image you want to change.

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