How to use the watch window to monitor selected cells in Excel 2016

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If you are a frequent user of Excel, most of the time you will be dealing with a large amount of data. Each file can have many entries. But most of the time, you are only interested in a few cells of the whole file. It is a difficult task to detect a few cells in a huge worksheet. The Watch Window function in Excel is meant to make your task easier. With this, you can see a limited number of cells in a separate window within the worksheet. At the same time, you can continue to process the original data. Any changes in the fields will be reflected in it. Simply put, the control window is a window through which you can see exactly what you want to see. Filter selected content from a large set of data. So you no longer have to scroll up and down looking for a specific field. Read this post to learn more about Watch Window and how to enable it.

  • On the ribbon menu, click Formulas language.

  • You will see some sections like Function Library, Defined Names, etc. Click on the option Clock window in Formula Auditing.

  • A dialog box appears as below screenshot shown.

This is your surveillance window. It will initially be empty. Now you can add the selected number of fields you want to see.

  • For this, click Add clock in the upper left corner.

  • Again, a small window appears.
  • If you only need to select a couple of cells, you can type the corresponding cell into the given field. If you need to add more cells, drag the mouse to make the selection. When finished, click Inserisci button.

You can see that the control window immediately fills with the data you have selected.

Any changes made to the actual file will be reflected in the Settings window. The control window always shows the updated values.

  • If you want to delete a particular field, select the row and click Delete clock.

I hope this post becomes a lifesaver for those people who have spent much of their time scrolling and using the "Search" option.

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