How to use the Windows 10 store with another account?

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16 December 2015 For Management

The recently released operating system from Microsoft is causing quite a stir in the world of technology. Many people have switched to the operating system and found the experience enjoyable.

In other words, Windows 10 might win some hearts.

Starting with Windows 8, Microsoft introduced the new Windows application store for its operating system and introduced it to the world of applications. You can now download and run various apps, games and utilities from the App Store and make your Windows experience more fun.

The Windows Store works like any other store, connecting to your email account and using it to authorize purchases and track downloads. In this case, the store will be linked to your Microsoft account.

By default, you'll log into the Windows Store with the same Microsoft account your Windows 10 is associated with and has been activated by.

But many users want to log into their store with a different account for various reasons such as having previous purchases linked to that account, the other Microsoft may be linked to their Windows Mobile device, etc.

No matter what the reason, if you want to sign into the Microsoft Store with a different account, this is how you can do it.

How do I log into the Windows Store with a different account?

1- Open the Windows archive.

2- Click on the user icon, located to the left of the search bar.

3- Click on the Microsoft account associated with the Windows Store at this time.

4- This will show you another dialog with the same Microsoft account, click it again.

5- You will now see a Logout option just below the Microsoft account.

6- Click on Exit.

7- This will close the Windows Store session.

8- Close the Windows Store application.

You can now use a different Microsoft account to log into the store without changing the account associated with the operating system.

follow the rest of the steps to do this

9- Reopen the Windows Store application.

10- Click on the same user icon next to the search bar.

11- Now select Login.

12- Windows will now ask you to choose an account.

13- You can select an existing account if you have one set up, or enter a new one or use your work or school email ID, depending on your preferences.

A> If you choose an existing account, you will log into the store using it while still logged into Windows 10 using your original account.

B> If you choose Enter a new account or Use your business or school account, you will need to enter your account name and password on the next screen.

IMPORTANT: If you are logging in with a new account, you will be presented with a window that says Make it yours, after entering your account details.

Basically Windows will ask you to sync your settings and files and also for permission to use the same Microsoft account for the rest of the windows.

Make sure you select - I'll link my Microsoft account later.

You should now be signed into the Windows Store with a different Microsoft account of your choice 🙂

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