How to use twitter on mobile

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How to use twitter on mobile

Have you downloaded the Twitter application and now would you like to understand more about how it works? If you don't know how to use twitter on your mobile, feel free to follow our guide.

How to use twitter on mobile

How do you use twitter on mobile?
Once the application has been launched on your smartphone, log in by clicking on Login, located at the bottom right and enter your credentials as well.
Well, the Twitter user interface is broken down into four main sections:
in Home there is streaming with all the tweets published by your friends;
in the Connect tab there are notifications about the new followers who have decided to follow you and the messages in which you have been mentioned;
in Discover there are the most popular conversations and topics of the moment on Twitter;
in the Account section you can adjust the settings related to your account and to the Twitter app itself.
Do you want to post a new tweet? Well, to do so, press the pen-shaped button located at the top right, and write your message. Remember to respect the limit of 280 characters and press the Tweet button.
If you also want to attach photos or videos, just click on the camera icon located at the bottom left, publish a photo in your phone's camera roll.

To mention other users in your tweets instead use the at sign @ + the name of the user you want to mention. If you want to search for people and content, use the search button at the top right.

If you want to retweet or reply to a message, all you have to do is hold your finger on it for a few moments and use one of the icons that appear in place of the tweet.

Did they write to you by private message? Reply by going to the Account tab of the application and presses the item Direct messages.

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