How to use WINGET in Windows 10 to install programs via CMD

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Microsoft recently introduced something very interesting with the Windows 10 platform and it's called WINGET. This is Windows Package Manager (Linux style) which helps you install programs just by running a command. All you have to do is open the terminal window (which looks like the usual command prompt / Powershell), type for example "winget installa Notepad ++And it automatically searches for the Notepad ++ program and installs it without any effort on your part.

Sounds interesting, right? Of course, as it makes your life easier when it comes to downloading and installing programs. Plus it's fun. So, let's see how to use WINGET to install programs.

How to use Microsoft's WINGET 10 to install applications

Step 1: To go Google and enter the following web address:

It will open the file Github page for WINGET. Scroll down and click Microsoft.DesktopAppInstaller_8wekyb3d8bbwe.appxbundle to start the package manager download.

Step 2: The installer window will open. Click on To update here to start the installation process.

Step 3: Now once WINGET is installed, click Home at your desk, type Symbol of the system in the search box and press Log in. Now, right click on the result and click Run as administrator Open Symbol of the system in administrator mode.

Step 3: A Symbol of the system window, run the following command and press Log in:

install install

It will show a long list of all the programs you can install.

4 phase: Now you can try to install a program. For example, let's try to install Switch on. So, for this we execute the following command and press Log in:

winget install Kindle

Now, wait for the download to finish.

Step 5: Once installed, it will show "Successfully installed"Message.

Your plans (here Switch on) is now properly installed on your Windows 10 PC.

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